Friday, 4 September 2015

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

Finally managed to catch this film. Found it a lot more...comedic than the previous films, which was strange since I always thought of Mission Impossible as a more serious type of spy film.

The film starts off with a hijinks that I would have expected more from Johnny English than MI, with a plane about to take off with the goods and the director and the spies bickering over the communications channel about how they need to stop the plane but don't know how. Then somehow, the super spy fails to open the correct door on the plane despite it being very obvious which door Tom Cruise is hanging next to and the program showing the 3d schematic of the plane.

And that pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the film. Once again, Tom Cruise and his IMF counterparts have been given their burn notices by the government except Cruise must also take down a super spy running a super spy organisation at the same time. There he meets up with female spy; Ilsa, who has the job of trying to find out who is funding the evil syndicate and they go through a series of betrayals before she finally throws her lot in with Cruise. 

Add in the standard MI stunts, such as having to hold your breath for 3 minutes while diving underwater into a super secret databank to exchange the user profiles so your partner can break into a secured facility without being detected, throw in some standard Simon Pegg comedy and boom, you have MI:RN. 

Overall, the film itself has some nice action sequences but I'm not really sure I would remember it vividly in a years time. It just doesn't have anything going for it. Spy at least had pretty good humour and Kingsman had superb humor and action. MI:RN feels a lot more mediocre in comparison, as if it's just going through the motions. And yet; sadly enough, this is still one of the best MIs since the first one. 

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