Friday, 14 August 2015


The new VS is out and I ended up queuing close to 2 hours for it during Gencon. It was that popular, but hey it's a comic book TCG.

So in the new VS, players no longer have 50 endurance each. Instead, they have a hero character which starts in play and when that hero character dies, they lose the game. 

For example, Wolverine has 5 hp; which is the norm for most main characters. Whenever he is stunned, he takes 1 damage. So he needs to be stunned 5 times usually to kill him. Note, there are cards that deal extra wounds to characters that are stunned. 

Main Characters (MC) also have special abilities which they can use. Wolverine's ability can be used during any combat he's involved in and requires a red resource to activate. 

They also have  a level 2 version which comes into play when they reach the XP required. And they gain XP whenever the conditions for Level Up is met. For example, Wolverine has the word Level Up (3) which means he needs 3 XP to get to Level 2 and his condition for getting XP is that he MUST attack alone and he MUST stun an enemy character to get that XP. 

When they hit LVL 2, they immediately flip over their character but still retain the same number of wounds they had before that. 

Then there are the Supporting Characters (SC), which is basically every other character. Again, like MCs, they have a wound value and once they hit that wound value, they are instantly KOed. They have their own abilities and may also have abilities that require resources to pay for them. In general, I find that anything with 2 wounds makes for a pretty decent character, although having very high stats also helps. 

Finally, there are the resources. Unlike old VS, locations are the only thing that can be played from the resource row. Locations can give you several different types of resource colors; including faction locations which gives any color to a character of that faction. Also, resources are one use only so you flip them down after you're down. 

For example, if I wanted to use Wolverine's ability to get +3 + 0, I would use the red location pictured above to pay for that ability and then flip it down. That means I could no longer use that resource for any future turns; unless I had a card that could flip that location back up. 

This makes abilities somewhat useless since they're pretty much one-use only and a lot of them end up competing with each other for the same type of resource. 

There's also a huge list of changes from Old VS which I'm just going to list down in bullet form since it would take too long to state them out. Again, these are only the changes I haven't already stated

  • As long as there's a character in the front row (FR), back row (BR) characters can not be attacked. It doesn't matter if the character is directly in front of the back row character or not. 
  • Flying still gets past front row characters unless that front row character ALSO has flying
  • Range characters can shoot FR characters and not take any damage in response, unless the character they're shooting ALSO has range
  • To team attack, characters must be the same faction and the same row. ie. BR characters can only team attack with BR characters.
  • There is no longer a stack for resolving things. Plot twists/abilities seem to resolve fully once they're played.
  • The game is much longer than it used to be. In Old VS, games ended around turn 6 because you tended to die around then. In new VS, games tend to end around turn 8-9. This means that you're MUCH more likely to play large drops than before. Also, make sure you have some large drops because trying to fight 12/12 Thanos with 6 drops is pretty difficult.  

Overall I'm happy they're continuing VS but I can't help but feel trepidation that UDE is still the one with the license for a Comicbook TCG. Part of me remembers how they were the reason why VS died the first time around and if anything, their current organisational skills also leave much to be desired and I can't help but feel they're doing this as a quick cashgrab. Only time will tell.