Thursday, 4 October 2012

Vlad3 vs Conquest II

In which my opponent proceeds to make up for every failed tough roll in the previous match


Doomreavers with Greylord escort
Mortar crew


Winterguard with UA
Kovnik Joe
Aiyana and Holt

Right, the scenario is to control zones in the centre of the table. I need to control his and he needs to control mine. He wins deployment this time and goes first

Turn 1
-He runs most things up.
+I cast dash and hand of fate on the Uhlans and everything else runs up as well.
Turn 2
-He feats and does some shooting with his winterguards who get boosted attack rolls from Joe. 
+I feat as well. And then I discover winterguard with IF on and bob and weave AND Irusk's feat on are notoriously hard to kill. Seriously WTH -_- My mortar also deviates completely from them which is bad. Vlad with Flashing blade manages to kill some of them but not enough. Drago overextends himself which is also bad. Fenris runs up and scares the command out of Aiyana and Holt; who surprisingly are not fearless...

Turn 3
-Right, Kovnik Joe charges Fenris. Fails to kill him. But he also gives the winterguard fearless and tough. They then proceed to combine ranged attack my Uhlans and kill the majority of them. I probably shouldn't have used sidestep to step back after killing them since I can't be targeted with combined ranged attacks if I'm engaged. But Uhlans don't have reach normally so if they sidestep, chances are they are no longer engaged. Conquest charges and scraps Drago. 
+Right, this isn't turning out so well. With Drago down, there goes the best chance I have of taking down a colossal; what with critical amputation, faux sign and portents and being able to do more than initial attacks... Anyway, Vlad charges into some winterguard. Here, I'm hoping to be able to flashing blade my way into superior armor. No...IFed Winterguard are still notoriously hard to kill...and even when I do, they make tough. I think I flashing bladed 4 times and I got...2 kills. That's really bad. My army changes into the Conquest, hoping to cripple some systems and I come really really close but I whiff on 2 of the doomreavers damage rolls and fail to. It had 3 left on its right side -_- Fenris walks up to Kovnik and then proceeds to miss him. Wtf. Also, turns out Fenris can't use his mount as an initial attack because he doesn't have combat rider. Which is kind of weird.

Turn 4
-Conquest turns out. Turns out Vlad is within 2" of Conquest. Conqust proceeds to boost and beat Vlad. It's not terribly hard with Pow 22 fists. 

Thoughts on game
Hmm, Colossals are a bit hard to kill with this list. Theoretically, with Hands of Fate on and the charge bonus, I could possibly do 45 to a Conquest on a charge with Uhlans, which is still short of the 62 hp it has. If I could do an impact attack on it as well, that's just an extra 5 damage. If Markov charges as well, that would just be an extra 7 damage which leaves me 5hp short. Basically my entire army would have to go into conquest to be able to down it reliably -_- And with mechanics around, they need to do it in 1 turn.

I could proceed to ignore his conquest like I did early in the game but that might have been a mistake because it's not like his IFed Winterguard were any easier to handle -_-. I might have been better off just trying to down the conquest with my full army on his feat turn and THEN waited for his feat to wear off. At least the conquest isn't def 17 with 4+ tough. It just has 62 hp...