Saturday, 31 March 2012

Kingdom death

As you can see from the pic, I just got a Kingdom Death figurine. It's Savior, a female mage. Opening it, my first impressions would be 'Not very impressive'. Granted, it's got detail but for the price I paid for it + shipping, I can get a scibor miniature which is a lot more detailed. Although scibor only really comes in flavors of weight-lifting male, scrawny male, orc, ogre, fat dwarves and space marines. So I guess if you lack any decent female miniatures, you can consider Kingdom Death. 

More pictures below

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Well, it had to happen. I've finally run into THAT Guy. Or to be more accurate, TFG. Those not familiar with the acronym, it -_- Or spend more time on dakkadakka. Either one.

So turns out TFG plays Hordes. Or more specifically, Legion. That's not an issue since hey, people can play whatever they want. It's just that Legion is also generally acknowledged by a majority of players as a very cheesy faction; arguably the cheesiest of all the factions. 

However, TFG does not think so. In fact, he likes to post on the local community page about how Legion is in fact NOT cheesy and in fact quite weak. Why? Because it has a hard time dealing with pButcher with IF on and camping focus. That's ONE warcaster out of an entire factions worth. Cue multiple replies saying 'no, no way d00d'.

Of course, he also likes to constantly complain about IF Kayazy and how they're unkillable. And how once the IK RPG comes out, he may decide to stop playing WM/H cause he likes to take unoptimised lists consisting of a warlock and multiple LEGION WARBEASTS >_< and keeps losing against all these 'optimised' lists. (Frankly, speaking as a person who plays Karchev regularly with 4 jacks and who has won against tournament tier lists, there's nothing wrong with taking multiple Legion heavies) Although if I was his DM, I'd throw in IF Kayazies as encounters for him.

Right, so he's a bit of a huge whiner but a whiner does not a TFG make. So what else is wrong with him? Well, judging from the game I saw, he's also a pretty blatant cheater. One of those people who measures and then moves the piece further. Like an inch or more further. From what I saw, he wanted to move his unit one way, decided against it, then moved back and then moved it even further another way. I commented "This seems a lot further than where you were originally" but he came up with some BS that no it wasn't and his opponent; a nice guy I've played against several times, just shrugged. This isn't even mentioning the fact that he changed the facing on his other figure while moving/moving back and then charging some model that wasn't originally in his LOS. So yes, he doesn't seem like a fun chap to play against. His opponent still won though -_-

So there we have it, my first AND hopefully last encounter with a TFG; who hopefully ragequits to go play the IK RPG. 

Monday, 26 March 2012

Thundercats 2011 S2

So, a new episode of Thundercats finally came out. What a wait, especially after the ending of season 1.

So what's new in S2? Not much, though there are a lot of scenes in the episode that remind me of S1. We get to see Lion-Os compassionate or empathic side once again, when he chooses to let the lizardmen he captured go free; in a scene reminiscent of the first episode of S1. Once again, the rest of the cats are like "DOOD WTF, DON'T LET THEM GO. THEY'RE OUR ENEMIES" and don't really understand where Lion-O's coming from. Yet, that's probably his greatest strength; being totally unlike the cats in general.

Also, what's with the fight in the episode? Did everyone take a level of suck suddenly? Lion-O is wielding two of the most powerful weapons in the universe; the stones, and we don't even get to see him throw around any energy blasts. Tygra apparently has a shitty weapon (guy does NOT know how to use a whip) and apparently isn't smart enough to use pewpew to shoot the enemy first before engaging in close combat. As for Cheetara? She sorta got owned. Hard. Actually, what happened to the clerics being able to shoot lightning from episode 1? Did Cheetara not learn that spell or something? Or is it a 4th level spell and she only knows 3rd level ones? And who are their opponents? A dog, a monkey and a lizard with the gun. WTF are they not wiping the floor with the other side? They should be able to, considering their abilities.

Also, regarding her suddenly surrendering, WTH? Were these the same cats who were so Honor before Reason that they wanted to go fight a huge lizard army back in S1E4 just so that they could have a suicidal glorious battle? And considering this attitude is apparently ingrained into them so deeply that the two little kids JOINED THEM in that hopeless fight, the fact that now some of them are actually willing to surrender boggles the mind? WTF happened in between S1 and 2? Did they get brainwashed/kidnapped/get their whole morality chart flipped?

As for the love triangle, they're really pushing it hard going into S2. I'm not really surprised. I was surprised when it seemed like it was going to be resolved in S1 but considering they've got 2 seasons planned at least and they kept mentioning the love triangle before the show started, I'd say chances don't look good for Tygra. Basically, early resolutions never bode well for something that's been talked about so much. Of course, they probably plan to keep the drama going for a while. After all, relationship drama sells. Much like how the Adventures of Lois and Clark had more viewers before Lois and Clark actually became an item in the show. 

Btw, I'm still waiting for Lion-O to "know a betrayal from his brother like he has never known" Because I refuse to believe that a professional writer can actually interpret Cheetara choosing Tygra as a betrayal from Tygra. Seriously, this better be some long-ass foreshadowing.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Freedom of Speech

Recently, I've had a friend talk about how there is no such thing as freedom of speech (in SG) which was probably because of the recent debacle of a local politician suing everyone who mentioned or blogged about an alleged extramarital affair he had until they took down their posts and issued an apology. I won't mention names because frankly, we all know who he is and it's not the main gist of my post anyway. 

This wouldn't be the first time I've blogged about this issue, and it's been brought up again by roughly the same incident as the first time; ie. bloggers getting sued. 

My stance is still the same as it was seven years ago. Freedom of speech does not equate to freedom from consequences. Human beings can say whatever they want; that's the beauty of free will. However, that doesn't mean they're free from the consequences of saying what they want. I have no idea why everyone keeps mistaking the two. 

TL;DR, man up. Either have the guts to stand behind what you wrote or don't write it in the first place. 

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Kayazy Underboss painted

Finally finished painting my underboss. I really wanted to paint him in pimp colors but I decided it was hard to make so many variations of purple look...not horrible hence I did him in pink and purple instead. With a white fur trim, neon-blue boots and golden bling bling. Enjoy

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Michael Bay + TMNT = OH GOD NOES

Goddammit, I just read that Michael Bay will be directing a live-action film of TMNT. The man's already ruined the Transformer movies for me, what with pissing robots and toilet humor as well as a completely unlikeable main character (I'm looking at you Shia). 

Best of all, he's not even going to bother to try adapting the source material apparently. According to him "The turtles are from an alien race, and they are going to be tough, edgy, funny, and completely loveable."

Great, now we can expect yet another childhood classic to be dirtied and made grittier for no fucking reason other than the fact Hollywood thinks fans like it. Here's a hint, no we don't. We like our childhood classics to be like what we remember from childhood, ie. innocent and fun. It's why we liked the Muppet film so much (thank god Michael Bay didn't direct that one -_-). Instead, what will we get with this new live-action film? Aliens. Who will probably piss on each other and have toilet humor in there somewhere as well. 

Monday, 19 March 2012

Kayazy Assassins

Right, so I finally finished painting my Kayazy Assassins. Haven't used the unit in a game yet simply because I haven't found any space to put them into any of my lists. But from what I hear, they are the 'cheapz'. In fact, there's quite a vocal person in our scene who keeps crying about how cheap they are with pIrusk and IF.

They all have slightly different color schemes because I figured that as non-military personnel and mercenaries at that, they weren't likely to have a uniform color scheme so I tried to mix their colors up a bit. There are only 3 basic colors however, red, green and brown and different variations of those. 

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Baldurs Gate

As I'm sure most people on the interwebz (a subset of the internet) have heard, someone is going to make an enhanced edition of Baldurs Gate. One. Otoh, that may be good news since if it sells well enough, they might make an enhanced edition of II as well. And frankly, one needs it a lot more than two. Even now when I run BG2 on my PC, it's fairly sharp. BG1 however? Not so much.

Best of all? Bioware won't be doing the sequel. This is indeed great news after the shit that was Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3.

Friday, 16 March 2012

DOA 5 Trailer

I'm a fan of the DOA series and just saw the preview video for DOA5 and I'm going to have to wonder. WTF is up with their looks in this installment? It's got nothing to do with their breasts, but rather that both Ayane and Hitomi seem to have a liberal application of rouge on their faces. What? Did they decide to put on some make-up before going out to fight in a life-or-death tournament? Did they decide their pride as a woman was as important as their kicking-ass skills?

Secondly, what's with the pinched faces? Their faces used to be rounder but now it's super pinched imo.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

FatBoys Burger Bar

187 Upper Thomson Road, Yew Lian Park, Singapore 574335

So I dropped by the nearby Fatboys burger bar the other day. It's not the first time I've been there but I go back occasionally because there aren't many places in SG that specialise in making burgers (The Handburger shops suck), plus the burgers are pretty big which is always good.

Anyway, I had a Fat Basterd, which is basically 2 beef patties, add an egg, slices of bacon and some cheese. Despite how I make it sound, it's pretty filling and tasty. Although that might just be the bacon. Bacon makes most things awesome.

Right, so that's the Fat Basterd. It comes with some lettuce and a single slice of tomato and some fries. 

Here you can see the bacon strips included with the burger. I like these ones because unlike a lot of other bacon in other burgers, these ones are fairly thick and meaty instead of being thin and stringy. 

Anyway, as far as the burgers go, I would recommend them. They do serve something else other than just burgers for their main courses though, but I've never tried them before. It's mostly a mix of common western food such as steak, fish and chips , chicken etc. I just figure 'hey, if I'm in a burger bar, I should order the burgers'. 

Okay, so that's the food. How is the service? Well, I haven't had anything go wrong with my orders with them or anything that's a major issue to complain about. It's just that sometimes the way their staff are, sometimes I get the feeling I'm being told to stop bothering them with stuff like 'can we order yet?' or 'can we get the bill yet?'. It's not something that is a huge negative but I wouldn't be amiss if I said I felt that their service could do with some improvement. 

End Result: 7/10

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Windows 8 CP

Right, so I finally took the plunge and I installed windows 8 consumer preview on my laptop. The only real issue I had during installation was that kaspersky AV refused to uninstall for some reason, often hanging during the process. But that's more of a fault with kaspersky than windows 8.

Well, from the very start, I would have to say I'm somewhat intrigued by the Metro interface. It's something they've taken from their windows7 series phones and something I've always been interested in. But how does it translate for the PC?

The answer is 'Not very well. Yet'. You can occasionally see glimpses of brilliance in the framework of windows8 but it's really more of a diamond in need of polishing than anything else. I do like the clean interface, which is basically just a pretty skin on top of normal windows. However, that's not something I have an issue with, provided it doesn't lag my computer. And so far I haven't noticed any lag with the new build.

The real issue is that so far, too many things aren't integrated properly into the metro interface. Those that are, are very very nice. But those that aren't? They're basically windows 7. One of the few things I like quite a bit in windows8 is the new calendar program (no, I won't call it an app -_-) which is modern, streamlined and pretty decent looking. It can sync with google calendar as well, which is a must for me. 

However, this isn't to say there aren't bugs in the new programs for windows 8 either. One of the biggest issues I've had so far is the difficulty in finding the settings or just be able to do things with windows8 I've always been able to do in windows. For example, in the pictures library, I couldn't find an option that would allow me to delete entire albums by themselves. Sure, I could go into the folder and delete them manually but WTF would I want to do that? That's just troublesome. In the end, I had to go out into plain, boring windows desktop to be able to delete it. It would have been better if I didn't have to break immersion to do something as basic as delete an album. Just cause apple doesn't let you doesn't mean MS has to follow.

Another issue I've had is with messenger, which is now built into windows 8. Afaict, there is no option to sort people by whether they're online or offline. I don't want to have to look through all my contacts just to be able to msg the people who are online. I'm a random sort of guy. I like to msg people for no reason just to say hello to them if they're online. 

However, I will say this. Messenger looks a lot better now. 

So far, I've checked in the shop for items that have been built for windows8. Like a lot of the other features, they're pretty impressive in terms of GUI but the only issue is that there are so few of them so far. Only 6 for the entertainment category. While I don't like to trawl through endless screens of programs, 6 is kinda...paltry. Here's hoping MS manages to entice more developers into windows8 because if it really wants to knock the socks of apple fans, it'll need dedicated programs that can handle the metro UI.

My own personal wish list for window 8 programs would of course be a damn video player that can play mkvs so I can watch my anime without leaving metro.That and a decent word editor that works in metro. 

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Warhammer Invasion

Was playing a few games with someone I met at the FLGS and I just really really felt like getting into warhammer invasion again. It's a fairly fun and short game and best of all, because it's a LCG, that means no random booster packs. Instead, each expansion has a limited number of cards and when you buy the booster pack for that expansion, you'll get all the cards. It's something I really appreciate when I don't want to fork out money for random boosters.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Audi A4s

So, turns out Audi's are made out of something only slightly stronger than paper. Was turning into a lane during a red light when a big motherfucking truck just bumps into me very lightly. End result? The picture above. Fuck.

Meanwhile, the truck doesn't even have a scratch on him -_-

Friday, 9 March 2012

Mass Effect 3 #2

  So far, Mass Effect 2 hasn't lived up to its hype (for me). 7 hours into the game, I'm still stuck with only 4 party members and I'm pretty damn well sick of them already. They just don't click with me. I miss the funnier party members like Mordin or Tali. Heck, I'd even take Jack because sheer biotic power is always good. Instead I get...Garrus, EDI, Liara and Kaiden-replacement.

Speaking of Mordin, they end up killing himself as well. Man, I was raging so hard during that scene because I didn't really find it very believable. Really Mordin? I can't send EDI the only good AI in the universe to go hack the computer? Only you can do it? Plus even if EDI dies, her main body is still back on the Normandy so everything's fine. 

And then Mordin's death leads to the same-ass horrible dream sequence. Dammit, Shepard, you need to stop dreaming about little boys and chasing them in your dreams!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Mass Effect 3

Only a couple of hours into ME3 at the moment but so far, it's an averagely decent game. Nothing really ground-breaking about it although there have been a few moments in the game which made me LOL.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

SW RPG Session #2 Transcript

Session 2

Kelwynn Young, human smuggler and pilot extraordinare! Ex-owner of the Corellian Light Freighter "Invariably Successful Under All Circumstances" which got 'repossessed' by Imperial forces. 

Hiara shak (hiara'shak),twilek noble and daughter of a prominent slave trader in coruscant. She's out to have fun and try out new things. Towards that purpose, she has hired some tough looking guys to try out bounty hunting along with her friend, Alicia.

Alicia; human female noble. Ditz in the worst possible way.

RC-1148, 'Prime'. Soldier. Republic Clone Commando, leader of Gamma Squad. Engaged with Separatist forces on Fellucia when Order 66 was issued. Refused to follow orders due to morality conflict. Killed squad mates when they refused to follow his orders to stand-down. Now a fugitive and on the run. Currently serving as a mercenary.

Zuul; human scout. Enlisted in the army after the clone wars but dropped out of boot camp as he found military life not to be to his liking.

What has happened so far: The party have to find out who’s behind a series of bombings to clear their name. They went down into the sewers, chasing after a cloaked figure who they suspected to be the one behind the bombing. They’re ambushed during the chase and it’s revealed the cloaked figure has a lightsaber and can deflect blaster shots. During this ambush, Alicia is knocked unconscious.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Khador vs Cryx IV: A New Hope

This time, the Cryx player wanted a rematch and I wanted to try out a new caster. So I picked eButcher while he stuck with eGaspy. It was a short 35 point match as we both wanted to play MtG after it. There are fewer photos of this game because I sort of forgot 1/2 way through the game to take any more.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Khador Vs Cryx Round III, FIGHT!

Finally had some time to pen this batrep. It's basically my regular grudge match against a regular cryx player as I try means and ways to defeat his eGaspy list. The Guncarriage is in the list as a Legion player wanted to see it in action and I was like 'ah, why not?' and put it in instead of a tarpit unit like boomhowlers.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

BBQ + Boardgames

Had a BBQ with the guys today. As you can see, our charcoal was very very....volatile. But eventually the flames died down and we were able to cook our food without it being flame broiled. 

Then we had a short game of Betrayal at House on the Hill. SHORTEST GAME ever for the Traitor. We managed to end the game in 1 turn, without even letting the traitor take a single turn, thanks to a combination of fortunate position on our part, lucky rolls and 1 great item card. Lol.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Khador vs Legion 35 points


Managed to get in a few games yesterday. This is the first batrep. This was my first time playing against Legion and I was fairly apprehensive since they have a fairly large reputation.