Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Zerkova vs Borka

I hate my dice seriously. 


Greylord Outriders 
Min Greylord Outriders
Kayazy Assassins with UA
Koldun Lord

-Slag troll

Long Riders
Fennblades with UA
Fellcaller Hero

So I'm testing out Zerkova's tier list. Gorman is there because he's needed and not because I really want him. The vanguards are there because at Tier3, I'm paying 12 points for 3 compared to 10 points for 2. So essentially, I'm getting another light jack for 2 points so why not. Plus they seem pretty nifty, what with having a shield, set defense AND assault all at the same time. And they even have shield guard, which is awesome. I end up going first and we play scenario 8; Incoming. 

Turn 1
-2 focus to 2 of the warjacks. I cast watcher and move up towards my own objective. Koldun lord moves up and gives a focus to the last warjack with power booster. They then run up. Kayazy Assassins run up towards the enemys zone. Min greylords flank up the right while the max unit of greylords flank up the right, to protect my own zone. Gorman follows up on the right as well.
+Fennblades run up the right, towards his own zone. Borka moves up towards his objective and casts IF on the fennblades. Long riders flank to the left, towards my zone while the warbeasts follow up near Borka

Turn 2
-I give 1 focus to the vanguard closest to the forest. He activates and runs across the forest. I charge up to him and feat, catching all of the units except Horthol and the fennblades in my feat. I try and influence one of the long riders but miss with his attack. Koldun Lord moves up and gives another focus to another vanguard. It also runs across the forest. Greylords on the right proceed to spray the long riders but I roll really really horribly. Gorman hits Horthol with a bomb, effectively stopping him. Greylords on the left move up and spray the fennblades, missing most of the time as well. but advance upwards so that the fennblades will have to decide if they want to move up or come after them. Kayazy run to the zone, with several positioning themselves to block charge lanes.
+He upkeeps IF. His long riders can't do much so they move up into the zone to contest it. Borka moves to behind the wall. The hero walks over and gives his fennblades bonuses to their mat. His fennblades try and kill the 2 Kayazy I have blocking their way and manage to kill 1 but keep missing the other. His warbeasts follow Borka to behind the wall. Horthol sacrifices movement to walk next to Gorman, because he sure as hell ain't letting him get off another bomb. 

Turn 3
-Well, I can possibly score 3 points this turn, depending on my die rolls. 2 focus goes to the Vanguards in the forest. Koldun lord walks up and gives 1 focus to the Vanguard on right. The Vanguard proceeds to walk up and beat the fennblades, who then maks his tough roll 3 times in a roll. The greylords on the right move up and spray the fennblades and even with a -2 bonus due to back arc, I still miss most of the time. The most annoying was when I hit, rolled for damage, got double 1s and bouned. Argh. Kayazy Assassins charge the fennblades and I manage to clear all of them from his own zone except the same damn model that keeps making its tough checks. That's 4 tough checks by that one model. The Vanguard in the forest runs up to my zone and then using Zerkova, I force blast the long riders away. I then walk up and dominate my own zone. The other vanguard in the forest walks up and shoots the trollblood that's been making its tough rolls. It makes its tough roll again!! The greylords on the right move up and do a combination of winters wind and sprays. One moves next to Horthol and winters wind itself so that Horthol either has to kill it or Gorman. If it kills Gorman, then it's stationary at the end of its activation. The rest move up to block the Long Riders with their light cav movement. I get 1 point instead of the 3 I had hoped for. 
+His slag troll and Impaler proceed to kill off my greylords, freeing 3 of his long riders.Borka feats and casts moshpit. Long Riders activate and order charge. One of them goes to slam my Vanguard, which is a bad move, while two others go to charge Zerkova. Watcher triggers first and I move my Vanguard away from the slamming long rider, which due to the fact he has reach means his slam fails but I don't leave his melee range. That was an amusing combination. I move towards the damage long rider. I can possibly survive a charge by one long rider but not two. I hit with watcher and need 7 to kill off the heavily damaged long rider. I roll....5..... Long riders then proceed to massacre Zerkova.

Thoughts on game
I hate my dice. I think I've actually hit a new record for the number of snake-eyes rolled during this match, which was 9 and counting. Some were even consecutive. Meanwhile, my opponent was staring at me with eyes filled with pity -_-. 

Well, if things had gone according to plan. I would have had 3 points, and another vanguard blocking charge lane to Zerkova. At which point during the next turn, I would have run away and gotten another 2 points for controlling the enemy zone. 

Anyway, so far, the theme list is good but I'm probably going to switch to a min unit of greylord outriders and put in another unit of Kayazy with underboss for some melee punch. I think I can get another UA due to the tier list. Forceblast with the vanguards is a blast literally, and working out the way I expect it to be. That leaves me with another 2 points, which may go towards a widowmaker marksman.