Monday, 25 February 2013

That Guy

Otherwise known as why Sportmanship is very important. Even when you aren't playing a sport. Warning, this is probably more of a rant than anything else.

You know how sometimes you really really don't want to play with a certain person? For me, I have no issues playing with WAAC guys or what we call very competitive people. My regular opponent plays eGaspy with bane knights and bile thralls for crying out loud and I have no issue with that. In fact I will not rest until I send his undead ass back to the grave, either my opponents or his warcasters. No, what I can't stand are people you play with, who keep WHINING when they're losing. It's very annoying and a horrible dispay of sportmanship. 

For example, I was watching a warmachine game where a Cygnar player; who had one list with 2 stormwalls and eHaley and another with eCaine, was being a terrible sport while playing against eMadrak. He felt disadvantaged somehow and kept complaining and trying to concede. This was before he almost won the game with an eCaine assassination run, which only failed because Madrak managed to make his tough roll on his FINAL attack. Otherwise, the game would have gone to the Cygnar player. Yet, despite being in such a good position, the dude kept complaining the entire time I was watching. Which admittedly was only for one round.Still, it's pretty annoying. 

Of course, it gets worse when you're on the receiving end of it. I had the opportunity to play dreadball with another guy recently. And pretty much all he did during the game was compare it to bloodbowl, and complain about how RNG based it was because you never totally shut down another player. Your opponent will always always have a chance to roll at least 1 die and potentially mess your perfect strategy up. The Irony is this guy plays WH40k so you'd think he wouldn't complain so much about RNG. So by the end of it, the guy concedes on 1/2 way through the game because he keeps saying he can't win. This despite the fact it's still early and the game is less than 1/2 way through the turn tracks. Best part is, I spent my Sunday afternoon specially coming down to play with the guy cause the FLGS owner told me someone was down to play dreadball.

It's not hard to make a game enjoyable for both sides.

  1. Do not whine. This is very important. There can be legitimate issues with the balance or game play but try not to bring them up DURING the game. It's best if you can wait till after the game to discuss them and to do so in a constructive manner. This doesn't include 'OMFG, this unit suxx0rs, why u so suck' but more of a 'I think this can be improved by this and this'
  2. Play it through. Even if you think there's almost no chance of winning, do try to finish the game. I've had games where I've managed to turn things around in 1 turn so nothing is really set in stone.
  3. After the game, look your opponent in the eyes, smile, offer your hand and say "Good game". This would make almost anyone feel better, even if they lost. 

Remember, the more pleasant you are to play with, the more people will want to play with you.