Friday, 10 July 2015

Arkam Knight

So I've been playing a LOT of Arkham Knight on the PS4, and it's been pretty fun. Long time fans of the Arkham series SHOULD enjoy this barring a few parts of the game. 

Which parts of the game am I talking about? Well, the batmobile segments can be a huge pain in the ass. Sure, you get to drive the batmobile in the game, which is cool but then you realise that they've tacked on way too many missions to the batmobile, such as racing and tank battle. And those are a huge chore to complete. I'm not sure about other people but I didn't buy Arkham Knight to play a racing game, let alone an iffy racing game with dubious controls. 

Let's put it this way, when I can spend 10-15 minutes chasing a fucking tank throughout the very messy streets of Gotham, while trying to shoot it with a shitty missile that takes ages to lock on and loses it's target lock everytime your reticle shifts EVEN the slightest bit. And then it gets away and you have to chase it again. Sounds like SO MUCH FUN. Seriously, why does the batmobile take so long to lock onto a target? Why???

And then there are the tank battles which were annoying until I discovered how to cheese them. Or rather, there was this ONE annoying tank battle where it seemed like 50 enemy tanks would come out and start shooting you and then there were tanks on higher ground shooting missiles at you constantly and I just kept getting hit by missiles. Until I discovered there was a corner where I could just hide myself and then just shoot people who appeared in my face. Was that fun? No. But apparently that's how you're supposed to play. 

Other than that however, Arkham Knight was a pretty good game. I would actually have liked it more if you just had the batmobile as a transport vehicle, something to drive around in and shoot people with etc, or deal with the random tanks on the streets, instead of having it shoehorned into so many missions. Not much has changed in terms of gameplay, you still fly around Arkham City and beat up bad guys while advancing the plot. They did take away some of the previous games gadgets and takedowns though, as well as adding several more. 

My honest opinion? If you liked the Arkham series, this game is pretty much worth getting. I would ignore all the DLC bullshit though and just get the base game. Also, if you want to play it on PC, I'd wait a few months though since there are a LOT of bugs on it. So many bugs that in the first 24 hours of its release, the STEAM review page of Arkham Knight got spammed by 6000+ overwhelming negative reviews.