Tuesday, 30 June 2015


A surprisingly good film. I would actually say I enjoyed this more than both Jurassic World and Terminator Genisys. 

I wasn't expecting too much from Minions because quite frankly, how do you build an entire film around 3 walking yellow blobs that speak gibberish? Yet they've managed to do a pretty bang-up job with them, with Stuart being the 'cool' one, Bob being the dumb one and Kevin being the responsible one. Yet, all 3 of them can be extremely stupid at the same time because...well, they're minions. 

However, that still doesn't mean the plot is anything spectacular. It's...passable and revolves around the Minions trying to find a new master and their first meeting with Gru. That's pretty much the whole movie condensed into 1 sentence. 

So how does the film excel? Well, for one thing, it's a very very good comedy. Seriously, this film is entertaining for both adults and children with its comedic routines. It's a bit like 3 stooges but in 3D animation format and there are so many wacked out scenes that you can't help but laugh. I can't really give an accurate impression of the humor with written words but it takes a fair bit to make me LOL and I did so quite a few times in the cinema. And most of the other patrons were joining in with me. 

Overall, this is a film I would definitely buy on blu-ray when it comes out. It's also a film I wouldn't mind watching multiple times because it's that funny.