Monday, 26 January 2015

eIrusk vs eHaley

Jank list vs Tournament list....This will be interesting...


Iron Fang Uhlans (proxied by outriders)
Black Dragon IFP with UA
Black Dragon IFP with UA #2 (proxied by kayazy)
Battle Mechanics
Iron Fang Kovnik
Iron Fang Kovnik#2 (proxied by Greatbear)


Journeyman warcaster
Stormblades with UA
Stormsmith caller

We play Scenario #4, process of elimination and he goes first. Which I think was a mistake as I would have gone 2nd to try and jam me on feat turn and thus gain 1CP. Anyway, his list is simple. Try and get as much of an alpha strike as possible on his feat turn and the turn after that. As such, Anastasia is a HUGE part of his list. My list is even simpler. It's really built around the thought that tough + no KD is good in Menoth, what is it like in Khador? To that end, almost everything I have is an Iron Fang unit and thus benefits from the IFKs no KD rule. Then eIrusk makes everything tough, which means I have to play in a 20" bubble but I can work with that. I would have liked to take a non-character jack so I can bond it but the best target for FFE is probably Behemoth at this point. My future options may include switching it out for a Grolar (no KD and bond) and a winterguard mortar crew (FFE). 

Turn 1
-1 focus to each jack. His plan is to try and jam me and feat on turn 2 probably. He definitely wants to feat before I can reach his army so turn 2 is the most likely. To that end, the Stormlances get arcane shield cast on them and run up the right flank. The stormblades run up the left. Stormclad runs up the left as well. Lancer runs up the center. eHaley moves up and casts deceleration. Black 13 run up the left flank, just behind the stormlances. Gorman pops smoke on eHaley
+So...I technically could trample up and shoot eHaley but she's behind a wall....Still, I give 2 focus to Behemoth's subcortex and 1 to his main. IFK#1 asks BD IFP#1 to move up the center and they minifeat. IFK#2 asks BD IFP#2 to move up the center as well and they minifeat as well. Irusk moves up, casts FFE on Behemoth and then camps. Behemoth tramples up, aims for eHaley, misses, hits her anyway and Gorman and I FAIL to kill Gorman on a boosted damage roll. Wth man?? I aim for Lancer, boost to hit and then boost the damage. Somehow I down the arcnode system. Uhlans run to the right. I position them fairly far behind but they're within charging range of the objective, however, if eHaley wants to catch them in her feat, she's going to have to come up to around the middle of the board. 

Turn 2
-1 focus from Squire. 3 focus to Stormclad.  Stormlances go into IFP#2 with assault/impacts. He makes a HUGE mistake here and doesn't give them pathfinder with Rhupert and some of them fail charge because of the body of water in between them and their targets. They miss most of the assault shots and I make a few tough rolls with regards to the charge. He doesn't even bother with electroleap damage. Overall, he kills a few of my IFP but it's not enough to matter. eHaley walks up, feats, casts Temporal Acceleration on the Stormclad and then camps the rest of her focus. Gorman pops smoke over her once again. Stormclad gets 1 more focus from the Stormblades and instead of running up to wreck Behemoth, who's behind quite a few IFP, he decides to go up and wreck the IFP. It's not a horrible plan since I'm caught in his feat and I can't do much anyway with Behemoth except shoot and that won't kill his Stormclad. It's at this point, I start making tough rolls like a madman and he starts missing. It's horrible because with 4 focus and 7 attacks, he kills like....2 IFP. And now his stormclad is stuck with them. The B13 activate and run further up the center. The stormsmith caller disrupts Behemoth. 
+ So...I'm caught in his feat. I can't allocate focus to Behemoth. I upkeep FFE I'm kinda stuck here. But anyway, he makes me activate Behemoth first, who pops a few shots at eHaley again. Then eIrusk, who promptly proceeds to pop Anastasia in the head with an airburst. He informs me she's stealthed and I show him the wording of airburst. One boosted attack/damage roll later, she's gone. I move and camp behind Behemoth and then I feat. Now this has become a war of attrition. IFP#2 try and kill Stormlances but due to Arcane shield, they're not very successful. IFP#1 move up in shieldwall and block the Stormclad again. Uhlans walk up to the left zone. Right now, almost all of his fighting units and eHaley are caught in my feat. Which means no orders and -2 SPD. Which means his stormblades pretty much can not reach most of my army and his Stormlances are already engaged with IFP#2 so they can't really run. At this point, he's trapped. Plus I killed Anastasia which was his backup plan to decimate my army since I definitely would have been within her espionage range due to killbox. 

Turn 3
-The trap has shut. He's now stuck with me. Once again, 3 focus to the Stormclad. Stormclad tries to kill as much IFP as possible since there is no way he can walk around to Irusk. At least not without taking a LOT of freestrikes from IFPs along the way and possibly being KDed. Even with TK. Lots of tough rolls were made. Stormblades walk up and beat Uhlans and IFP#1. eHaley can't run away and even with TK, she can only move 6". She decides to move and just camp her remaining focus. Gorman pops smoke on her once again. B13 blackpenny some IFP#2, for some reason. Ragman walks up and does his darkshroud aura. Stormlances want to ride by attack but can't because of Irusks feat. He then moves one up to beat the objective but it's not enough. The other stormlances beat the IFP#2 and kill quite a few of them. 
+One objective is severely damaged and I can kill it this turn if I dedicate one or two IFP into it. Two just in case. None the less, Behemoth gets 3 to his cortex and I upkeep FFE. Irusk activates, walks to the side and then energisers Behemoth up. I do this so that I can reach the Stormclad without charging, since a wall lies between me and the Stormclad. IFP #1 walk up to the left zone and kill some Stormblades. Uhlans charge stormblades and impact attack them. But they make quite a few tough rolls as well. Behemoth walks up, kills both Stormclad and Lancer and 1 Stormlance. And then he shoots eHaley, hits and since Gorman and Ragman are so close by, kills them both. IFP#2 charge the Stormlances and the objective and I kill 2 Stormlances and 1 objective, scoring 1 CP. 

Turn 4
-That was a pretty bad turn of events for him. He decides to salvage it by killing off the objective on the left with his stormblades. His stormlances on the right make short work of the none-shieldwalled IFP, except for the standard bearer who refuses to die. The b13 shoot at him with black penny and miss. eHaley shoots him and misses. Journeyman shoots him and misses. He could have dominated the right zone for 2CP if that ONE standard bearer had just died, leaving him at a respectable 3CP. 
+1 focus to Behemoths cortex. I make short work of the Stormblades in the left zone. Uhlans run towards eHaleys zone. I cast Tactical Superiority on them with Irusk and then energiser Behemoth towards eHaleys zone and myself towards the left zone to dominate it. Behemoth runs to contest the zone. Markov runs to contest the zone. Due to Tactical Supremacy, Uhlans contest the zone as well. Mechanics run to contest the zone. I dominate for 2CP, leaving me at 3. At this point he concedes. His stormblades are dead, he has 2 Stormlances left and the Black13. But he has Uhlans, Behemoth and Markov and that last IFP standard bearer contesting his zone. And frankly, he finds it impossible to kill them all and I just need 1 more turn to score 2CP, which I will by killing anything he sends into the zone. 

Thoughts on game
His game plan was severely messed up once I killed Anastasia. If not, he could have gotten another round of free attacks on me next turn, which would probably have severely decimated my army, depending on how many tough rolls I made. Then there's the fact his Stormclad was severely unlucky, missing the IFP about 4 times with his attacks. That was just bad. Plus that standard bearer that wouldn't die? That was really messed up. 

In all honesty, I would have just kept firing Magestorms and Timebombs into my army if I was him, considering I had to cluster together to get shieldwall plus take advantage of eIrusks tough bubble. 
David beat Goliath this time but most of it was through luck.