Thursday, 15 January 2015

Flash 2014 TV Series

So I finally managed to catch episode 1-3 of the new Flash series...and I've got to say I'm disappointed. 

I'm not a huge fan of the Flash; although I'm a huge fan of Impulse; Bart Allen, who was one of the few comic characters who I've followed throughout his entire run. Or at least as much as possible as it was for me to do so. But with that being said, I'm not a huge fan of the Flash adaptation. I know enough about the Flash that I can understand just how much they've changed from the comic book version. However, I'm not going to rage about that because quite frankly, I'm not that huge a fan of the Flash. Instead, what I didn't like about this series was the fact that this is basically Arrow 2.0 or Smallville 3.0 if you will. 

So, there's this guy, who looks really young (and seriously, how old is Barry supposed to be in this? 19? 20? Cause he looks really really young) and then somehow his city is being threatened/etc. Then there's this woman he's in love with but whom he won't end up with so soon but will instead shoot longing glances at. There'll be this other woman who seems much more interesting and who would probably gladly get together with the main guy if he asked, but instead he's too busy pining after the first girl. And then there's this third guy who's 'support' for the team and is really just there so the show doesn't turn into some sappy soap opera about 1 guy and 2 chicks. And then there's the usual villain of  the week that's usually related to the trouble threatning the city/town/ville. I mean COME ON, this is the same exact formula as ARROW AND SMALLVILLE. 

I get it, I understand people like Arrow and Smallville. They were/are really popular but up to a certain point, you can't just copy/paste the exact same scenarios into your stories. I mean, wth man? And then there's the costume for the Flash, which I find very very bland. It's a really boring costume, especially the color. Visually, I wish the costume was a lot brighter in terms of color, or at least the same color as his logo. I have no idea why the color is so dark considering that visually, Flash takes place in a lot brighter setting than Arrow. It just seems like the producers decided they wanted to make everything more grimdark like Arrow, despite the fact that it's not really the same type of visual style. 

Overall, much like Arrow, this is less of a show about super heroes but more of a soap opera dressed up with occasional bits of CGI.