Monday, 12 January 2015

pVlad vs eVayl

OMG, the hit-and-run nature of this list is so vexing. 


Black Dragon IFP with UA
Iron Fang Kovnik
Winterguard with UA
Kovnik Joe
Aiyana and Holt
Saxon Orrik


Spawning pot
Blackfrost Shard

So this will probably be my final iteration of my pVlad list. Saxon Orrik is in to give them pathfinder and Aiyana and Holt to help me deal with armor. We play Scenario #3, Balance of Power again. Somehow. Legion goes first. 

Turn 1
-His legionnaires run up the right flank, onto a hill. Ravagore runs up the center, to behind a wall. Seraph runs up the center, along with the Scythean and 1 Angelius. Other Angelius gets occultation cast on it and runs up to in front of the Legionnaires. Blackfrost shard walk up and occultate themselves. Spawning vessel runs behind the legionnaires. 
+1 focus to Grolar. Vlad walks up, casts S&P and windwall. I need windwall to be able to protect my jacks from his heavy shooting army. IFP run up to block access to Vlad while the jacks run up to be next to Vlad's windwall. Winterguard order bob and weave and run up the left flank. Widowmakers walk up and shoot the legionnaires, with a 100% hit rate thanks to S&P. They then move 2" back to behind the wall on my side. 

Turn 2
-So 5 legionnaires are dead but he'll be able to spawn a shredder this turn. He upkeeps occultation.  He casts admonition on a Angelius and Refuge on the Seraph. The Seraph walks up and shoots my winterguard, getting 3 shots and hitting every single one of them. I fail all my tough rolls so that's 3 winterguard gone, which isn't great for me. Due to reduge, he then flies backwards. The angelius flies over to try and smack my widowmakers, which is better than shooting me since widowmakers get extra +2 def to ranged attacks when in cover. He however only manages to kill one and miss everything else. Unfortunately, he's under admonition which means he's not going to die so easily. The other legionnaires charge my IFP, killing some of them. Ravagore shoots one of my winterguard and I fail my tough roll again but then hides behind the wall. Pot pops out a shredder, which casts tenacity on the admonitioned Angelius.   
+ Vlad casts SNP again and windwall. 2 Widowmakers walk out of reach from the Angelius and he kills one but misses the other. They then shoot Legionnaires. I had to do this so that my IFP could get a clear charge lane to the Angelius. Saxon gives the IFP pathfinder. IFP charge Angelius and Legionnaires, wiping out the legionnaires. The Angelius admonitions but it's still within range of 2 IFP. One misses it though, even with S&P. Marksman shoots the pot, dealing 5 damage to it. Winterguard bob and weave again and try to shoot some warbeasts. Joe gives them tough and fearless. Grolar and Drago try to shield Vlad.  

Turn 3
-He could try to score this turn but my opponent is very familiar with how screwy Balance of Power is as a scenario (check previous batrep, pVlad vs eThags) so he's going to try and kill more of me first. Vayl upkeeps refuge. Seraph activates and shoots the Winterguard and then refuges back. Vayl activates and arcs icy grip onto the IFP, refuge onto the Angelius that is next to the IFP and admonition onto the Seraph. The engaged Angelius then kills the IFP engaging it and refuges back. The other Angelius shoots me. The Scythean hangs behind. There's no real need to try and engage me since he's doing a fine job of SHOOTING me to death. 
+Okay, htf do I deal with this list. I'm having an insanely hard time killing him since he keeps refuging or running away. Vlad casts S&P and windwall. Winterguard bob and weave and walks up and shoots some warbeasts. Widowmakers and marksmen shoot and kill the pot. IFP try to charge the BFS but are out of range.  

Turn 4
-He upkeeps his spells. Seraph moves back and shoots the winterguard. Ravagore kills the marksman and one widowmaker. Both Angelius shoot the IFP. He feats and and casts admonition on his ravagore and icy grip onto the winterguard. 
+ Okay, at this point I'm like screw this. At this rate, I will just constantly get shot to death by his army and I need to force him to change his rhythm somehow. Widowmaker tries to shoot the shepherd and misses. So Holt has to walk up and finish the job, killing BOTH shepherds. Yes, this may help a lot (it does). My IFP walk up and shieldwall.Winterguard walk up and shoot some warbeasts. Vlad walks up into the zone and casts blood of kings on himself and has the wardog hiding behind a wall nearby. He camps the rest of his focus. My two jacks are hiding behind. I'm hoping he tries and fails to assassinate Vlad, but if he does kill me, at least this game of hide and seek will be over. 

Turn 5
-He didn't really expect that from me and gets flustered. His angelius kill the winterguard in the zone.  His Ravagore shoots Vlad and tries to set him on fire and does. I take 4 points of damage. He asks for my melee defence and then decides he's not going to bother trying to send the Scythean into Vlad. Several of his beasts try to take shots at Vlad and miss. He casts Admonition on his Ravagore. 
+ I put out the fire. 3 focus to Grolar. Aiyana walks up and kisses the ravagore. Holt stands still and shoots the Ravagore twice. Grolar walks up and shoots the Ravagore. Winterguard shoots the ravagore. Widowmaker shoots the ravagore. Saxon Orrik shoots the ravagore. Joe shoots the Ravagore. End story, very very damaged Ravagore. IFP charge the Scythean and hit but don't do much damage since there aren't many of them left. Vlad continues with Blood of Kings and camping his focus while remaining in the zone. 

Turn 6
-Ravagore frenzies. Without the shepherds to calm them down, his beasts are a lot more prone to frenzying. He charges and kills winterguard. Vayl casts admonition on a Scythean. Scythean slipstreams up and tries to kill my Grolar but fails to. He misses one attack and basically rolls low for a few, which ends up with my grolar having a cortex left and his arm. Which is enough. The best part? The Scythean is within 0.5" of my Grolar so I don't even need to move to retaliate and thus won't trigger admonition. Angelius tries to kill some IFP and this is where his rolls really really go to hell. Even after forcing them to the max, both Angelius only kill 3 IFP. The Seraph kills Holt. 
+Grolar gets 3 focus. Grolar boosts an attack onto the Scythean and KDs it. After which, no one cares about admonition anymore. Grolar beats the Scythean but due to its crippled arm, it's hard to kill it. Aiyana kisses the Scythean and then everything else shoots it to death. The IFP and IFK charge the Ravagore, but it ends up with Vlad having to finish the job himself. Vlad casts S&P and charges the Ravagore, killing it. Dog runs to protect Vlad. 

Turn 7
- Well, his Seraph frenzies, attacking his Angelius. This is turning out to be really bad for him. He tries to assassinate me by shooting me Icy grip. He hits but then the BFS try to icy grip me too but fail this time. That still leaves me at def 18 against melee with my wardog. The Angelius however is hemmed in by several IFP and if he tries to move too much, they will get freestriked. So he has to overtake/kill the IFP, which results in him using up a lot of fury before he can reach me. At which point he decides to hit drago instead. His other Angelius goes into drago while trying to block the lanes to Vayl. Unfortunately, he didn't really think this through. 
+ 3 focus to Grolar. Grolar walks up and kills 1 Angelius. It was that damaged apparently. Aiyana walks up to the other Angelius, engages him and then kisses Vayl. It hits. Vlad casts blood of kings and walks up to Vayl. My opponent moves to freestrike me and then I point to him that Vlad has parry. At which point he's like WTF!?!? Vayl dies horribly. 

Thoughts on game
This list was insanely, insanely annoying to play against. However, somehow I managed to win despite the fact that I was really losing very badly in the first few rounds. I think Vlad just walking up and painting a big red target on himself helped take the pressure off some of my troops which let me get them into position. That and the fact my opponent didn't realise I have parry; which is funny cause he always checks out all my cards via warroom. Also, I think he forgot my dog makes me immune to freestrikes as well.