Friday, 13 February 2015

Dropzone Commander 2 Player starter

So I've recently been getting into Dropzone commander; and as such I've bought the 2 player starter set that comes with 2 factions, the rulebooks and some map tiles and card terrain. 

So let's go through some basic details of the starter. It's in HIPs (hard injection plastics) instead of the resin that they normally use. It comes with the Scourge and the UCM faction, which are basically the Zerg and Terrains.

The minis themselves are fairly easy to assemble, provided you follow the instructions given in the set. If not, you're just looking at a bunch of sprues and thinking 'Wait...what goes where?'. I managed to snag the XMAS bundle from Hawkwargames so they came with KRmulticase foam, which manages to fit most of them pretty snugly. 

The plastics themselves are fairly decent and paint up nicely. Although the fact that they're so small means it's fairly hard to detail them. I went with a light urban camo scheme on my UCM. It's my first time trying to paint camo and basically....I just randomly slopped paint around. Despite all that, it didn't turn out too bad though after I washed it. 

This is basically the starter box UCM after being painted up. Again, these were fairly easy to paint and you can probably finish one starter in one day if you know what color scheme you want to use. There generally isn't much random detail on the UCM miniatures, which helps. 

I've also managed to get my hands on an Eagle; which is a gunship variant of their transports but cast in Resin instead of HIPs. There is SO MUCH more detail on the resin version and it's sad that when casting in HIPs, Hawk somehow managed to lose most of that detail. Most of my experience with HIPs is from Malifaux and Warhammer and those models still manage to have a fair amount of detail. The best way to describe the difference is the fact that after priming and basecoating the HIPs version, most of those blue vents are barely visible at all. It's like priming and basecoating just filled up most of the indentations where the vents should be. With the resin ones, the vents are still there and fairly deep. 

I've also managed to play 2 more games of DZC, against Scourge. The first game I lost pretty badly because my transports got shot down and I kept missing my attacks. It was so bad I think I lost 90% of my army while I shot down model of my opponents. The 2nd game I managed to even it up by prioritizing threat targets and taking out the anti-tank division of my opponents with my anti-air tech. This was due to the fact that Scourge tanks are mostly skimmers, which means normal weaponry has a +2 to hit them if they move 6" or more, which doesn't sound like a lot until you realise you're only rolling a d6 to hit. Then yeah, that +2 becomes huge. But AA weaponry doesn't get the +2. Once that was done, they didn't have as much that could hurt me anymore so I just rolled through the game, winning on objectives. 4 v 2 VP. 

As it is, I'm already looking to expand my game into the 1,500 point level which would mean buying a Command unit as well as other additional stuff. So far, I've got a Ferrum and a Kodiak planned, as well as maybe some aircraft fast movers.