Tuesday, 10 February 2015

eVlad vs pButcher

This is probably a really bad match-up for me but I'm tied into it due to a league. 


Black Dragon IFP


Kayazy Assassins
IFP with UA
Ironfang Kovnik

So the basics gist of my list is to send feated doomreavers or Uhlans into the opponents army. Preferably doomreavers. His list on the other hand involves Iron Flesh and Kayazies... We play Scenario #6; Incursion, and the surprising change in 2015 is that NONE of the flags disappear now. Which is...interesting. I end up going first. 

Turn 1
-Doomies 1 run up the right, avoiding the forest where possible. Doomies 2 run up the left. Vlad casts assail on the Juggernaut, casts HoF on the Uhlans and transference and then walks up. IFP run up the right. Uhlans run up the left, to behind a wall.
+1 focus to Demolisher. IFP run up the left. Demolisher runs into a forest on the right; for some reason. Widowmakers move up and kill 4 doomies. Bleh. Marksman stands still and aims and misses his shot. Which is really weird. eEiryss runs backwards. His Kayazy run up the center to try and jam me. Butcher casts IF on them and walks up the center. 

Turn 2
-Vlad upkeeps every spell but assail. Vlad feats, selecting 1 uhlan and 4 doomies to be his feat targets. The 2 surviving feated doomies of the rightmost unit charge into the widowmakers and kayazy, wiping out the widowmakers. I actually have to boost the attack on the kayazy to make sure it hits. As a bonus, his Kayazy fail their CMD check. Which means they're fleeing. And don't make freestrikes. I make use of this to send my doomies deep into his kayazy unit and try to kill them. They're a tough nut to hit even with transference on. I wipe out the underboss though and slightly less than half the unit. Uhlans charge the IFP and decimate them, with the feated Uhlan killing the widowmaker marksman. Other Uhlans hang around near the back. 6 of my IFP try to CMA to take down ONE KAYAZY. I miss despite needing only 7s to hit (compared to double 6s). They also mini-feat.

+Butcher upkeeps IF on the Kayazy. He walks up to the feated doomie near him and tries to hit him. He actually misses 3 times before going 'screw this' and then feating and casting an obliteration at the massed IFP. Somehow, he only kills one of them with his boosted obliterated shot. IFP charge my Uhlans and kill them but fail to hit the feated Uhlan. So it's up to the IFK to hit it and kill it, which he does. Kayazy finally rally. Demolisher walks up and shoots the Doomreaver in the forest. 

Turn 3
-Time to start scoring CP. I upkeep both spells. My IFP just walk backwards to control the rightmost flag. My doomreavers attack the kayazy near the flag, boosting every single attack I can make (needing 12s to hit). Juggernaut walks up and kills a Kayazy, surprisingly, controlling the center flag. Uhlans control the other flag, using rideby attacks to kill the IFP in their way. HoF really helps me with hitting them. I end with 3CP. Vlad walks to the left. 
+IFP charge my uhlans and kill more of them. Whatever issues I have hitting him with mat 6 vs def 13, he has the same issues hitting me as well. Kayazies finish off my doomreavers and Uhlans, all except one. Butcher stands still, aims and boosts a shot into that doomreaver, ending him. Wardog charges juggernaut and actually rolls 5,5,6 on the damage roll. That hurt a lot. However, I still control the flag on the right, leaving me at 4CP. 

Turn 4
-Most of my units are dead. But I am at 4CP. However, his demolisher is now within 4" of the flag and is CLOSED. No way I'm going through it with pow13 pikes. Otoh, I am also very close to the flag on the left and all he has is one IFP standard bearer and IFP leader contesting that. They're even in b2b for shieldwall. I measure control area and I make sure I'm in before I cast martial paragon on myself and charge. First attack hits, destroys the standard bearer. Buy a 2nd attack and I kill the leader. I dominate for 1 last CP. 

Thoughts on game
I hate Iron Flesh and Kayazies. My best bet to deal with them was really just feated Doomies or Uhlans that charge into them. But even that is not a sure thing.