Friday, 27 February 2015

pMorvahna vs Mohsar

Testing out a new list. 


Bloodtrackers with UA
Skinwalkers with UA
Shifting Stones with UA
Shifting stones (proxied with Druids)
Gallows Grove
Gatorman Witch Doctor (proxed with Woldwatcher)
Blackclad Wayfarer

Circle Mohsar

Druids with UA
Nyss hunters
Tharn Bloodpack
Gallows Grove
Gallows Grove

The basics of my list are simple. Bring back enough bloodtrackers with Morv abd kill everything. Everything else is mostly window dressing although the Skinwalkers are also there to tank. I have no real clue what Mohsar does other than Pillars of Salt though... We end up playing an old scenario but with the new objectives (apparently sr20xx hadn't been updated yet at the time). He ends up going first. I prey his moonhound.

Turn 1
-His druids walk up and pop clouds. Mohsar casts mirage on them and pillars of salt. Nyss run up the right flank, into the right zone. Bloodpack run up to the left zone. Riphorn walks up the center, followed by Megalith. 
+Well, the bloodtrackers walk up and try to shoot the druids but fail horribly. Double 6s just to hit. Witch doctor gives them tough. Morv walks up and casts regrowth on the bloodtrackers and harvest. Thanks to the arcane wonder objective, I pay 1 less, leaving me at 1 fury. Which will be important later. Skinwalkers run up the right, to try and contest his zone. Stones shift to block LOS to maximus later on and Maximus runs up to hide behind them. Stalkers rile up and walk up to the objective. 

Turn 2
-Wow. Just wow. Mohsar's feat really screws me over this turn. Megalith activates, riles up and casts a spell. Mohsar maltreats him and then crevasses a bloodtracker (I make no tough checks at all) and hits pMorv with the spray. He then feats. His bloodpack kill off the leftmost unit of stones and then proceed to decimate Maximus (again , no tough checks). Druids walk up and pop smoke again. Nyss run up into the zone. 
+Fail both frenzy checks. Had to use my last remaining fury to transfer to my warbeast just to prevent myself from being gibbed by my own warbeast. Ouch. Also, with no fury, I can't upkeep restoration or harvest. Derp. This kind of resets me back to round 1. Except now with damaged warbeasts and a dead unit of stones and maximus. Nonetheless, I try to make the best of it. Witch Doctor gives the bloodtrackers tough and undead. They walk up and start peppering the druids + gallows grove + nyss. Surprisingly I kill a LOT of druids this turn despite needing 10s to hit. Fail to kill the Gallows grove on the left which will hurt me later. Skinwalkers charge into the other gallows grove + druids and kill it. Morvahna runs back. Druid wilder runs to contest my own zone. 

Turn 3
-Bloodpack tries to kill druid wilder with assault and battery. All miss. They charge and kill her and one Bloodtracker. Gallows grove ports and places itself in the center of all my bloodtrackers and the slaughter begins. Nyss hunters charge and kill 2 skinwalkers after he Curse of Shadows them. At this point, he's controlling my zone for 1CP but that's all. His riphorn wanders up, at this point, I think he's trying to bait me. It works.
+Morv finally leaches fury from the warbeasts. Blackclad wayfarer hits the riphorn with hunters mark. My stalker on the right goes into it and kills it with primal strength up. The stalker on the left gets ported to behind the bloodpack. It activates, gets berserk and holy crap, so many bad dice rolls. I need a 5 to hit them due to being in their back up and I miss 3 bought attacks. Ugh. I do kill 2 of them though, which is horribly bad. Bloodtrackers get tough again and run backwards to Morv, who recasts restoration on them. The skinwalkers kill more Nyss. 

Turn 4
-Megalith kills off my Stalker that's just killed off the riphorn. Nyss kill off more Skinwalkers. Bloodpack wants to charge my stalker but I remind him that the stalker is in the backarc of most of them and at most 1 will be able to charge. He decides to assault and battery instead; shooting the objective and then the rest of them walk over to beat the stalker. Bloodpack apparently are very hamfisted. 
+I finally bring back some bloodtrackers, who run up and shoot the moonhound. My stalker is surrounded by bloodpack and can't do much during this turn because he's literally boxed in and I can't move out. He chooses to kill blood pack instead. The stones teleport to try and contest my zone in case the stalker dies.

Turn 5
-Mohsar teleports over to my zone, ready to dominate it. Megalith charges my Stalker to try and kill it. He does remarkably well until he's down to his last 2 fury. He buys an attack, needs a 4 to hit and rolls 3.... Buys another attack and hits. I'm down to 2hp at this point and he's at -1 to damage. He just needs a 3 to kill me and he rolls snake eyes. 
+Morvahna heals the stalkers aspects. It turns around and kills Mohsar, who has no valid transfer targets left since Megalith is full on fury. 

Thoughts on game
Let's be honest here, I should have lost that game.  However, the dice gods are fickle and they giveth and they taketh. 

Overall, I think the list performed about as well as I thought it would. I'm still not convinced about the usefulness of Maximus, although he is potentially a huge boon to Morv and her harvest spell. But he just seems very very...vulnerable.