Monday, 7 April 2014

eReznik vs Rhyas

And my eReznik spree continues


Avatar of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth
Min. Choir
Errants with UA
Kell Bailoch
Daughters of the Flame
Vassal of Menoth
Vassal Mechanik


Swordsmen with UA
Warspears with UA
Warspears with UA
Warmonger warchief
Warmonger warchief

So we play Scenario 1 and he goes first. As you can see, I've taken out the Vengers and put in a Vanquisher. While the Vengers possibly provide more hits on my feat turn, the real issue was their survivability. And I also had issues with dealing with stealthed units previously (MHSF and the Bloodtrackers). Hence, the Vanquisher. Cause even if it misses, it's still an AOE and continuous fire. His warspears on the left prey Nicia while the others on the right prey the Errants. 

Turn 1
-So Rhyas moves up and casts Dash and tenacity on herself. Typhon runs up in front of her. The swordsmen run up behind her. The ravagore shuffles to the side. The warspears on the right run up the right flank while the warspears on the left run up the left, trying to flank me. 
+1 focus to Vanquisher cause I want him to be able to run this turn. The errants run up the right and hug the really long wall for cover so that they're able to tank the assault shots from the warspears better. I could charge the warspears on the left with Nicia BUT that would certainly mean the death of Nicia and allow them to select a new prey target. Perhaps that tasty Reznik on a battle engine with his great wracks of doom. So instead I run Nicia away from the warspears, running behind a forest to do so. Kell Bailoch stands still and takes a few shots at them. Reznik moves up and casts deathmarch on the daughters and creators wrath on himself. They run up and jam some of the warspears. The Vanquisher runs up the center. The avatar uses gaze of menoth and runs. The choir sings passage on them and the vassals give then enliven. 

Turn 2
-Well, I'm pretty sure I'm too far behind for him to feat assassinate me so I'm safe from that at least. Rhyas casts dash and tenacity again.She charges and kill a daughter and sprints away. His warspears on the left run towards Reznik, one of them engaging Kell Bailoch as they do so. Typhon sprays some of my daughters. The swordsmen charge my daughters but are out of range. Weirdly, I keep thinking they have reach. The warspears assault my errants but miss most of the shots. Thank you cover. I lose 3 errants on his attack. The ravagore shoots Reznik but forgets about Lamentations and misses. 
+I can try for an assassination. So far, I'm pretty sure Rhyas is within 21" of Reznik so I can try to catch her in my feat. My daughters move up and Vengeance into the swordsmen. I also make sure I've got 2 daughters within 10" of Rhyas. Reznik upkeeps deathmarch and CW. He moves up and feats. Choir sings passage and Vanquisher walks up and shoots some of the swordsmen near Rhyas. It hits and destoys most of them. He gets an ancillary attack from the Vassal and hits, this time it deviates onto Rhyas. Daughters go into Rhyas and swordsmen, killing more and several more with the chain explosion. One daughter actually misses Rhyas (needing a 6 to hit with DM and feat) and gets riposted to death. Doh. The other one hits and deals a fair bit of damage. Errants charge the Warspears and wipe out most of the right unit, leaving only the UA. Meanwhile, kell bailoch attempts to walk away from the warspears but dies to a freestrike. Doh. Nicia runs up to protect Reznik and prevent the warspears from charging past her. Avatar gets enlivened and uses Gaze of Menoth and runs up, catching Typhon in the gaze

Turn 3
-So I'm slightly worried that he'll still find some way to teleport to me. I think the wall helps block a lot of his lanes and shenanigans but we'll see. First, Rhyas extinguishes the fire. She then charges my Avatar of Menoth, triggering enliven. She decides not to teleport for some reason. Mostly because she saw it wasn't within reach of Reznik and she wanted to be able to sprint away later. She kills the remaining 2 daughters nearby.Typhon clips the zone. Ravagore walks near Typhon, casts his animus and shoots at Reznik but it deviates away. The warspear UA on the right charges the errants but I self-sac his first attack. The warmonger chief charges reznik and deals some damage on the charge. Despite me camping near full focus. The warspears on the left however are in a quandary due to Nicia. My opponent decides to try and take freestrikes so that they can reach Reznik. After the first 2 die, he decides, it's not worth it. He then proceed to assault/charge Nicia. Amazingly, all of them miss. Even on the charge attack. Shredder walks up and rabids itself, killing the Daughter standing there, where Rhyas used to be. 
+Avatar gains 4 focus. I upkeep creators wrath. 1 focus to Vanquisher. The choir sings battle. The Vanquisher walks up and shoots Typhon. Too bad Rhyas is standing nearby. It hits and she transfer the damage to the Ravagore. I ancillary again and she transfers again. To be fair, she's really low on life due to my Daughters hitting her in round 2 and because she took several pow12s explosions from the feat that she couldn't transfer away. Reznik walks up, draws from a wrack and casts Iron Aggression on the Avatar. Vassal gives Avatar enliven. Avatar charges Typhon, kills it,kills the Ravagore who is standing way too close and who was the target of most of Rhyas transfers. He also uses gaze of menoth to make sure Rhyas doesn't walk away. Nicia kills off several warspears and then sprints away, into the zone. My errants kill off the remaining Warspear UA on the right. 

Turn 4
-Sadly Rhyas doesn't put out the fire this time and dies to it. 

Thoughts on game
Well, it does seem like the Vanquisher was a better bet than the Vengers or Idrians. The wall in the center of the zone also helped me a lot since it blocked his guys from charging into Reznik on round 3. And I think this was the first time Nicia actually survived and did something useful. Or the first time I took down 2 heavies in one turn as well.