Wednesday, 2 April 2014

eReznik vs pBaldur

2nd time's the charm...


Avatar of Menoth
Errants with UA
Kell Bailoch
Min. Choir
Vassal of Menoth


Skinwalkers with UA
Bloodtrackers with UA
Witch doctor
Gallows grove

So I've taken out the Idrians. One game of them being mostly useless while being hit by blinding light was more than enough for me. Instead I've put in Vengers. Mat 9, 11 on charge should be interesting. I'm thinking their impact attacks would kill most of whatever they hit; barring tough models, which would explode on my feat turn. They're basically mini-Rezniks in that way. Kell is in cause he can shoot twice with sniper bullets on feat turn, which is also good. Basically, I'm trying to maximise volume of shots/attacks on feat turn. We play Scenario #3 and he goes first. 

Turn 1
-Gallows Grove pops up into a forest. Wold Stalkers go up the right and left flank respectively, trying to circle my army and shoot them to death. The bloodtrackers run up the center. The woldwatchers advance up the center and right flank. The skinwalkers stay further behind, running up the center as a 2nd flank. Witchdoctor gives the bloodtrackers tough and undead. Baldur gives the bloodtrackers Stone Skin and casts Solid Ground. 
+Okay, technically the bloodtrackers are close enough to me that I can try killing them with the daughters or Nicia this turn. I also strongly suspect he will feat the next turn to prevent me from reaching him. Reznik does a rideby up, casts death march on the Daughters and feats. Daughters charge up, they're out of reach. Nicia charges up, kills 1 bloodtracker, who toughs. I hit it again and it dies this time, taking down some more blood tracker. Then I try to shoot another bloodtracker nearby with quickwork. I...miss. Despite only needing 4s to hit... I sprint into their midst. If I had hit, a huge chunk of them would have disappeared. Errants walk up and shoot the wold stalkers, killing several. Kell stands still and shoots the wold stalkers. Only 1 is within range though. Vengers run up the left flank. I make sure to get pretty upclose and personal because the feat is coming next turn. Vassal gives the Avatar enliven. Choir gives it Passage.Avatar uses gaze and runs up 

Turn 2
-Time for the counter-feat. He upkeeps SS on the bloodtrackers. They kill off Nicia and the Daughters and switch their prey to the Vengers. The woldstalkers o the left flank shoot off the vengers too. Between them and the bloodtrackers, I'm down to 2 Vengers. The warpborn runs one model up to engage the Errants while Baldur walks up and feats. The witchdoctor gives the bloodtrackers tough again.
+So I'm stuck in their feat. Reznik casts creators wrath on himself, does a rideby and casts Deathmarch on the Vengers. The vengers charge and impact a few bloodtrackers/woldstalkers and kill their charge targets; the gallows grove and other woldstalkers. I'd try and hurt Megalith but I'm not sure I can hurt him much and he heals as well so I'm less inclined to bother with him. The avatar gets enliven and passage from the Choir and he charges a bloodtracker and kills it. The errants walk up and kill a few more woldstalkers but have trouble killing a skinwalker without charging. Ironically, I do more damage shooting the skinwalks not engaged with me than I do trying to damage them in normal melee.

Turn 3
-He drops SS. The bloodtrackers kill off my Vengers and switch prey to the Avatar. Who's been passaged. Woldstalker on on the right charges my Avatar, triggering enliven. I enliven so that I catch the Skinwalkers in my gaze. However, due to Baldurs stupid Rapid Growth Spell, I don't manage to catch most of the unit due to the forest blocking my LOS. 2nd wold warden charges me as well but doesn't do enough damage before it decides to use its animus and stoneform itself as well. Skinwalkers charge my errants and kill a few. Megalith uses Baldurs earth spike to kill the vassal of Menoth. 
+I upkeep Creators wrath. Errants counter-charge Skinwalkers and kill most of them. Avatar gets passage. He kills off one woldstalker but leaves the other alive but severely damaged. Reznik walks up and kills one skinwalker, leaving only the UA alive for the unit and then camps the rest of his focus, making sure to draw from the wrack as well. Kell runs up into the zone to block charge lanes from Megalith to the Avatar. 

Turn 4
-Bloodtrackers kill Kell Balloch. Megalith charges Avatar. Woldwatcher whacks Avatar. Skinwalker charges Avatar. Avatar is still alive. And still has his sword arm up. Which is all I need at this point. Baldur casts SS on Megalith.
+I roll 4 focus to Avatar. Reznik upkeeps creators wrath. Avatar gets battle and proceeds to hit Megalith. Somehow...Megalith is still alive. Severely damaged but still alive. Reznik draws focus, charges the Skinwalker, kills it and then kills Megalith with a bought attack. 

Turn 5
-So he's going to try and kill me this turn. I'm camping 5 focus, leaving me at armor 22, which makes me a fairly tough nut to crack now that Megalith is gone. His bloodtrackers charge the avatar and me, kill the avatar, declare I'm the new prey target and tries to hurt me. His first charge attack spikes a lot, which hurts but then he bounces for the rest. The woldwalker tries to beat me but fails to damage me much. Baldur casts stoneskin on himself and charges me but fails to kill me as well. I'm left with maybe 4hp. Meanwhile, Baldur is dry on focus. 
+Creators wrath upkept. I kill Baldur. 

Thoughts on game
Man, this was a really really long attrition game. So far, Vengers are interesting but they die too easily. Losing 3 Vengers before my 2nd turn was particularly painful. And I'm still having issues dealing with stealthed units. So I'm probably going to swap them out for a Vanquisher instead, which will leave me 3 points to fill. 

Creators wrath sort of did its job this time, by letting me finish off Megalith (so good....) and then camping enough focus that most people would just bounce off my armor. Could have tried upkeep lamentation since Baldur is only fury 6, which would have forced him to spend 4 if he wanted to upkeep spells. But I suspect he would have just walked backwards and cast the spell since there was no killbox in this zone.