Monday, 21 April 2014

Kraye vs Siege

Cygnar vs Cygnar...


ATGM with UA


Tempest Blazers
Black 13
Harlan Versh

Right, so I've been testing out Kraye for a bit, especially with the stormwall. I just think it's a good jack for him due to it have 4-8 shots, which makes guided fire a really good spell to cast. Plus with full-tilt on it, it's pretty good at threatening people. In a lot of ways, this is a bit of a mirror match since our casters are both 14/17 in our stats, both have janky assassination tactics and potentially his threat range is much longer than mine. I endup going first as we play Scenario 8.

Turn 1
-1 focus to Stormwall. Kraye activates, casts full-tilt on Stormwall and charges up the center, hitting the objective on the way and failing his charge. Stormwall runs up into the forest. Boomhowlers sing 4+ tough and run up the center. ATGM runs up the right flank. I'm aggressively going up to try and dominate his zone. Journeyman casts arcane shield on the boomies. 
+Tempest Blazers move up and shoot at the stormwall with brutal shots, only one does damage. Boomhowlers sing 4+ tough and run up into the center. Harlan Versh runs towards my zone. Ryan walks up and tries to shoot at the boomies with magestorm but it deviates backwards. Journeyman casts arcane shield on the Boomies. Defender comes up and shoots Kraye and hits and boosts the damage. 

Turn 2
-Okay, I need to kill Harlan or he's going to have an easy time trying to control my zone next turn. I allocate no focus to the Stormwall and drop full-tilt and draw 1 focus from Squire. Siege is being blocked by a lot of medium based units so I can't trample up and kill him... I cast guided fire and do a ride by attack. Mage sight lets me see Harlan and I shoot him and kill him and then move backwards. Journeyman switches arcane shield to Kraye. Stormwall stands still and shoots at the boomies. Here's where I realise I have an issue punching through armor 19, 4+ tough models with the shots on a stormwall. Boomhowlers run and try to screen the stormwall. ATGM try and shoot the b13 and the Boomies. I kill off one of the b13 but it's not Ryan. 
+1 focus to Defender. Siege gets reload from Reinholdt. The blazers shoot the Stormwall. Boomies charge the stormwall but are blocked by their own friendly units. The b13 shoot at the boomies and I pass tough for one and the other bounces off the armor. Siege shoots the stormwall twice and boosts damage on both and then he feats. The defender takes a shot at the Stormwall and boosts damage on Siege's feat but surprisingly, my stormwall is still alive but heavily damage. 

Turn 3
-I keep all my focus but upkeep arcane shield. Boomhowlers move up and charge the other boomhowlers. I actually bounce off their armor on my charge rolls... ATGM kills the b13. Kraye feats and charges one of my own boomhowlers to get within my zone. Stormwall power sweeps his right and kills several boomies and a tempest blazer. I score 1 for my controlling my zone. 
+Tempest Blazers kill off my Stormwall and Greygore and lightcav into my zone. The boomies kill my boomies and I don't make a single tough roll this turn. To make matters worse, they fail their CMD test. The defender walks into my zone and controls it due to me not having any other unit but the fleeing boomhowlers and Kraye.

Turn 4
-Hmm this isn't good. I'm severely down on troops and Boomhowlers are fleeing. Kraye keeps all his focus and Journeyman upkeeps Arcane shield. Kraye charges the Defender, impacts and kills a tempest Blazer and hits the defender for a fair bit of damage. Then I camp the rest of my focus. Boomhowlers FAIL their command test again. ATGM walk up and kill the journeyman amazingly enough with a crit brutal shot. Then they try to kill boomhowlers but most bounce off their armor. He scores 1 for controlling my zone, leaving him at 2. 
+ Siege walks in and ground pounders my ATGM. Boomies charge and kill some of my ATGM as well, who now flee. This is horribly horribly bad. Tempest Blazers try and kill Journeyman but fail to, leaving him with 1 hp. Defender smacks Kraye. He gains 1 CP for controlling my zone and 1 for dominating his, leaving him at 4.

Turn 5
-Boomhowlers fail CMD check again. Wth? Kraye tries to beat the Defender down but can't and with nothing else nearby that can help, he ends up scoring the points needed to gain victory. 

Thoughts on game
Okay, that was a pretty brutal game. I think part of my issue was I couldn't go through armor 19 with most of my troops. I could do it with charging Boomhowlers probably but everything else was kinda iffy. ATGM wouldn't be able to crack them unless they had brutal and even then it was 50-50 maybe. I so miss blessed ranged attacks. 

I really should have just taken the stormwall and used it to defend my own zone while using the Boomhowlers to camp on his. Didn't help that the boomhowlers effectively failed CMD 3x in a row. Thanks Greygore for not training your troops better -_-