Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Kraye vs eGoreshade

And a lot of bane thralls....


Gunmages with UA
Journeyman Warcaster


Banethralls with UA
Banethralls with UA

So after a lot of losses with Kraye and the Stormwall at 35 points, I decided maybe I can't run a Stormwall with Kraye at 35 points. Mostly because once the stormwall is gone, I'm pretty much dead in the water. Fun fact, Aiyana + Holt +eCaine can apparently one round a full-life stormwall. So anyway, took out the stormwall, added a stormclad in for the assassination vector. Put in a lancer for pursuit and used the extra 3 points for eEiryss because she's always a favourite. We end up playing Scenario 11 and he goes first. Also, my opponent uses all his KS medals as focus tokens. -_-

Turn 1
-1 focus to Kraken. Both units of Bane thralls run up the left and right flanks. Kraken runs up the center. Goreshade casts occultation on himself and phantom hunter on the Kraken and moves up. 
+1 focus to Stormclad. Journeyman casts Arcane shield on Kraye. eEiryss runs up to within 5" of the Kraken. I was aiming to get within engagement range but I'm too far away. Boomhowlers sing 4+ tough and run up the center, skirting around the forest near the zone. ATGM run up behind the boomhowlers, making sure to space themselves out so they don't die to the Kraken's AOE. Lancer moves up the right flank, using the light cav move to move up even further. Kraye casts full-tilt on the stormclad and moves up the right flank as well. I plan to use him to try and dominate the flag while my boomhowlers tarpit the zone. 

Turn 2 focus allocation to Kraken. He upkeeps both spells. The banethralls decide to ignore eEiryss since the odds aren't good they'll hit her. Plus they'll jam up the Krakens movement if they move towards her to hit her. So they run and jam up my boomhowlers instead but only 2 can make it far enough to engage me. The right flank boomhowlers run up the right and again, only 1 can make it far enough to engage me. Goreshade charges his own banethrall on the left to get the extra distance needed, kills it, then tries to cast a spell at Eiryss. He misses even with a boost and it deviates. Then the kraken decides to stand still and shoot at Eiryss. Eventually, she dies to the Kraken. 
+So.... Goreshade is pretty out front. In fact, I'm sure he's within 17" of my stormclad. I just need to clear out some banethralls in the way... I allocate 3 focus to the Stormclad, upkeep fulltilt and draw a focus from the squire. Order of activations will be fairly important this time round. I need to use the ATGM to shoot out the banes tying up my boomhowlers, then use the boomhowlers to take care of the banes further up. If need be I can use Kraye to shoot the bane thralls as well thanks to Mage Sight and ROF2. So I do that first. Lancer walks up first and kills a bane thrall to free up one of my ATGMs from being engaged. Several of my ATGMs stand still while 2 move up. The standing still ATGM shoots at the bane thralls engaging my boomies and kill them. Then I start clearing out a path to Goreshade. I only miss 1 shot and I think he only makes 1 tough roll. The boomhowlers activate, sing 4+ tough and move around. Several of them melee while others move up to within 5" to shoot at the KDed Banethralls. Eventually, a path is clear. Kraye walks up, feats. Stormclad charges and kills Goreshade. 

Thoughts on game

Well, at the very least I wouldn't have been able to charge up with a stormwall since I definitely wouldn't have been able to clear enough space to get there. Although this was pretty much too short a game to be able to tell if the list works. It's just a bit hard to go back to playing 35 points after mostly playing 50 points unfortunately, most people are playing/practicing 35 points for a journeyman league.