Wednesday, 4 March 2015

eVlad vs Ossrum

2nd game of the League.


Black Dragon IFP


Aiyana and Holt
Thor Steinhammer
-Ghordson Avalancher

Once again my pButcher list is forbidden. So I'm left with eVlad. Otoh, no Ironflesh Kayazies so this is already easier than my previous match. I'm going first and we're playing scenario #2; Two Fronts. I go first. 

Turn 1
-My turn is fairly simple. Doomreavers run up the right and center flank. Ironfang pikemen run up to the left zone. . Uhlans run up the center to behind a wall. Vlad casts Assail on Juggernaut, transference and Hands of Fate on the Uhlans. He then walks up. Juggernaut turns and tramples 9" forward, or really in the 1 o'clock direction. 
-1 focus to each Avalancher. Ossrum walks up and pops a shot at a doomreaver and kills it. He then feats and energisers backwards while the rest of his jacks move up. The blasters walk up and spray the doomreavers, all except for one which walks into a forest but doesn't have enough movement to see 3" out. Derp. Doomreavers die. Thor tunes up the Avalancher and the Avalancher shoots doomreavers. Holt walks up and shoots the doomreavers while Aiyana Stealths cause she has nothing else to do. Forgeguard run up to block Ossrum. 

Turn 2
-Vlad upkeeps all 3 spells. He walks up to behind the wall and feats, rolling a 1 on a d3 and choosing 4 doomreavers to be his agents of DOOM. The first one charges the Avalancher and kills it in one blow. The second kills holt. Then the 2nd unit activates... End result? Both his blasters are dead. I would have wiped out 1/2 his squad of forgeguard except I derped on my berserk attack. I needed 3s to hit and rolled 1,1....on a feated doomreaver. Uhlans run up to contest the right zone. IFP order charge and 2 of them charge into the blaster in the forest. I transference to make sure they hit and they do but I don't take out anything important. I also mini-feat with them. 

+Time for the retaliation. He gives 3 focus to his basher and keeps the rest for himself. The blaster tries to beat an IFP to death but it's not happening. The basher charges into the IFP and flakfields, killing one and then it's out of melee range of everything else. Forgeguard charge my doomreavers and IFP, wiping out all but one of the doomreavers. Thor tunes up the Avalancher, who shoots and misses the last doomreaver. 

Turn 3
-Still no focus to anything. IFP charge the basher plus forgeguard but I don't do enough damage to cripple the heavy. Sadly. Uhlans charge the forgeguard and objective, destroying the objective and pretty much wiping out most of the forgeguard. The doomreaver goes on to finish all but one of them. However, this means both zones are open right now. Juggernaut tramples up into the right zone. Vlad walks over to the left. I dominate for 1, control for 1 and score 1 for the objective. 
-Time for another counter attack. His basher kills off more IFP with flakfield. Ossrum charges my IFP and kills them. Last forgeguard kills another IFP. Thor walks up and sprays an Uhlan, hits but doesn't kill it. Avalancher runs into the zone to contest. 

Turn 4
-The fire goes out on the Uhlan. I upkeep all 3 spells again. My IFP charge Ossrum and despite me boosting to hit, I roll very badly. Juggernaut charges and wipes out the last blaster. Uhlans charge the Avalancher and I TOTALLY forget I have one more Uhlan standing right there. Damn it. As it is, I nearly wreck the Avalancher with 3 Uhlans; with one being engaged so he just ends up killing Thor, and I'm pretty sure the fifth would have just ended it. Vlad runs to the other zone. 

-If he can't kill me this turn, I'm winning. His basher walks up to flakfield the pesky Ironfang away from Ossrum. Ossrum energisers up and nope, still too far to charge. He tries to shoot vlad but he has only one shot cause he was too far to get a 2nd shot from Reinholdt. It's not enough...

Turn 5
-Last Uhlan charges Avalancher, kills it. I dominate for 2 and win. 

Thoughts on game
Thankfully, my threat ranges were much longer than his, so that he could only really get in one turn of shooting against me. Once I closed in and decimated the spray jacks; blasters, I don't think he had that many other options of dealing with infantry. Except for that accursed flakfield. I really need to go find my missing Uhlan; which broke off my base, leaving a tiny piece of his foot glue to the base. Mostly so I don't keep forgetting he's there.