Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Transfinite Emergence Projector

As PPs very first hard plastic kit, I felt this deserved its own post. The TEP is Privateer Press first styrene release and basically, everyone has been waiting for it since forever. Or at least Convergence players have. 

So it's been out since Feb, but due to shipping times, I've only just recently got mine. And first thing I've noticed is that the box is very different from the normal PP box. 
For one thing, the box doesn't quite open the same way. The normal PP box opens up from the side while this one is just two 1/2s of a box stacked on each other. Furthermore, the quality of the carton for the box isn't quite as nice as the one for the normal PP box, although this is thicker. Otoh, this isn't surprising that the box has changed considering that the new plastic kits are manufactured in Shenzhen, China. 

As for the kit itself, it's surprisingly simple. And honestly, I can't complain too much about the detailing found on the kits. I mean, at least this kit doesn't come in 50+ parts. 
And best of all? It's amazingly easy to put together. There's very little glue needed, and most of the parts just snap-fit together. 
Overall, the total time it took me to clip the sprues and assemble the whole thing together was probably about thirty minutes. 
Overall, I don't think there was anything in particular I disliked about the kit. I may not like the overall design as much; mostly because this thing is going to be a PITA to store and transport, however the kit was really pretty good for PPs first try. It was easy to put together, wasn't overly complicated and still has pretty good detail. If you want to look at other people who've done much shittier kits, just look at Palladium.