Friday, 27 March 2015

pMorv vs Saeryn

I really really hate Saeryn

-Stalker (proxied by Pureblood)
-Stalker (proxied by Wold warden)

Blackclad wayfarer
Shifting stones with UA
Shifting stones
Tharn bloodtrackers with UA
Skinwalkers with UA
Gallows grove
Gatorman witch doctor (proxied by Woldwatcher)


Spawning pot
Gobbo swamp crew
Spell Matyr
Spell Matyr

I can not emphasize how much I HATE Saeryn. That feat of hers basically just horribly horribly frustrates me more than eHaley's feat annoys me. I've fought against this list several times and lost because I just couldn't do enough during the feat turn. Anyway, we play Scenario #7; Outflank and I go second and I call prey on the Scythean on the right. 

Turn 1
-One pair of Scytheans and Angelius run to the right zone. The other runs to the left zone. The striders run up the center-right. They would love to shoot me but frankly, I'm stealthed and they're too far from the warpborn to do much. Saeryn camps behind a wall while the gobbos pop smoke on her.
+Bloodtrackers run up the right zone, so they're just touching the zone. Gatorman gives them tough. pMorv walks up behind my own wall and casts restoration on the Bloodtrackers and regrowth on the Skinwalkers. Then the warpwolves run to join her. I position my stones so that each set can teleport a different warpwolf if needed. Skinwalkers run up the left flank, into a trench. Maximus hides behind Morv, acting as a second wave if need be. 

Turn 2
-Striders walk up and start popping shots into the bloodtrackers. The first one shoots one but I make my tough so no swift hunter for him. The second one shoots one, kills it and then misses the second. The right angelius walks up and shoots another tracker. Meanwhile the Scythean on the right skirts the zone on the right. The Angelius on the left shoots the skinwalkers. The Scythean then hugs the zone. The pot then moves up the center and kills 3 of its own bearers to get corpses for the pot. 
+I bring back my dead blood trackers. I make a huge mistake here and I try to teleport my stalker forward to hit the point. Unfortunately, I severely misjudge the distance and it's out by at least an inch. Ugh. This means my stalker is probably dead the next turn. I decide to keep my other stalker where it is, just in case. I then use my black clad wayfarer to hit his scythean with hunters mark. My warpwolves then charge off into him. Sadly, only 3 can make it into him and I roll really badly. But at least they're engaged now. The blood trackers try to shoot the Scythean but I roll really badly and miss most of the shots or I bounce off his armor. How on earth a pow 11 weaponmaster shot can bounce off armor 18 so often is unbelievable. Gatorman gives them tough. 

Turn 3
-Saeryn walks up to the zone and feats. Her leftmost angelius walks up to the skinwalks engaging the Scythean and repulses them and then beats and eats them. Her left Scythean now has a clear charge lane to my warpwolf. My warpwolf dies. Meanwhile the other Angelius is engaging and kill off my bloodtrackers on the other side with overtake. The Scythean animuses and then proceeds to kill 2 more bloodtrackers. The pot walks up to block LOS to Saeryn, which is his first mistake. Saeryn is camping 2 focus. 
+I see a chance to end the game and I take it. I bring back my dead bloodtrackers, except those killed by the Scythean.  The blackclad wayfarer shoots Saeryn with his spray, hoping to Crit KD. It doesn't work. The shifting stones UA tries KD Saeryn by shooting the pot next to her. And this time it works. And it kills the pot as well. At which point, Saeryn is promptly gibbed by 9 bloodtrackers.

Thoughts on game
I've actually been trying to do that forever, including the last few games I've played against this list. Although I've usually had to shift one of my stones to within 3" of Saeryn and then try to hit it with the shifting stone UA. But nonetheless, this list is frustratingly hard to play against IMO. I just don't feel like I have enough shooting to be able to hurt or damage 4 warbeasts, especially on her feat turn. There are certain lists I would play against his list, but pMorv probably isn't one of them.