Tuesday, 17 March 2015

pButcher vs Shae

Last match of my League. POW 5s kill. Also, I finally get to play pButcher. 


Winterguard Infantry with UA
Winterguard Rifle Corps
Kovnik Joe
Alexia and the Risen with Valachev
Koldun Lord


Seadog with Mr. Walls  and 3 Weapon Attachments
Dirty Meg
Doc Killingsworth
Lord Rockbottom
Commodore Cannon
Aiyana and Holt

So this is the last match pf the league. I vaguely remember what Shae can do, having had partnered with a Shae player for a team tournament before. I've also metaed with playing pressgangers before for the AD + Run into opponents deployment zone tactic. He ends up going first and we play Incursion. I've placed my winterguard in the center to be able to spray everything and my Riflecorps next to them. The risen are right behind so that they can act as the last wave. 

Turn 1
-His pressgangers run forward, up the center and left flank. His seadogs run up the right flank. The cannon runs up the center. Shae casts stormrager on himself and phantasm on the seadogs. 
+The winterguard bob and weave forward, which was a mistake as it slows me down too much. I should have run instead so as to counterjam my opponent. Instead, walking up allows my opponent to jam me pretty hard. My Riflecorps walks up and places their version of covering fire down, making the right flank near impassable for the seadogs. Alexia walks up the center, but due to the winterguard, I block my own adance. Derp. She then creates a thrall warrior and sends it to the left. Butcher casts IF on the WGDS and then walks up. Koldun lord gives the Spriggan a focus and it runs up. 

Turn 2
-He upkeeps both spells. Lord Rockbottom gives the seadogs moneyshot, and payday to both pressgangers. Shae walks up the center and feats, causing most of his models to move up the board, except for the stragglers on the far left. He then casts Coup de Main, giving all units a speed bonus, which they take advantage of. The seadogs use the feat movement to walk around my supressing fire template and then try to shoot the Rifle Corps. Overall, he did fairly badly at that, only killing maybe 3 of them. Otoh, his weapon attachments CRA and kill Eiryss. The pressgangers charge some of my Winterguard, killing them with the bonus from Rockbottom. Sadly, they're not in range to shanghai units into the seadog unit. Nonetheless, he's effectively jammed me just 6" out of my deployment zone. Derp. 
+I upkeep IF and give 3 focus to the Spriggan. His Nomad is within charging range and I want to charge it. Joe gives the WGDS tough again and shoots some random pressganger. The riflecorps activate first and some of them stand still to fire at the seadogs. Sadly, I miss more often than not. The winterguard spray where they can. The risen rise up to bite the pressgangers to death. Wardog charges a pressganger and misses. Butcher goes in to try and finish him off but he toughs. The koldun lord sprays the spriggan, hoping to kill the pressgangers jamming him and does so, all except for one. But that's okay, I have enough distance to charge and bulldoze the last guy away. I hit the Nomad and down its arm and since only my lance can reach him, I have to buy extra attacks. I buy one, hit, roll ...1,1 on my damage roll. At MINUS 1 to damage. That's okay...dice happen sometimes....I buy another attack, hit and roll....1,1 again... WTF?!?!?!? Uh...The nomad is alive. Somehow. And not badly crippled at all. He ends up scoring 1CP from the leftmost flag since my Spriggan was 0.6" short of contesting, however, I've blocked most of his other flags. 

Turn 3
-He tries to  jam me even further. He upkeeps  both spells once again. Rockbottom gives moneyshot  His seadogs try to move forward and kill the riflecorps but they overextend and one of them actually is more than 4" from the flag, meaning they can't contest this turn. Hawk charges that seadog and kills it though. Dirty Meg goes to secure the right flag as well while Grogson secures the left. Shae moves up to secure the center flag, but unfortunately, he can't seem to get rid of the LONE winterguard who's just standing there and blocking him. His nomad tries to headbutt my Spriggan for some reason but fails. At the end, he's camping at armor 19 but he's right out in the open... He also scores another 2CP, leaving him at 3CP this turn which makes it very dangerous for me. 
+Time for the old College try. I give 3 focus to the Spriggan. Koldun Lord sprays some pressgangers. Butcher walks up and feats. Joe gives the winterguard boosted attack rolls and kills a pressganger blocking the way.  The winterguard bob and weave up and damn, he somehow manages to hit and kill 2 winterguard.  The rest manage to get within range of Shae, who is a tough nut to crack at def 17 and armor 19. Nonetheless, when the winterguard are done with him, he's left with 3HP. I try to get the riflecorps to assassinate him but nope, they all miss. Damn, and if I don't do anything, he's going to win just on CP. The spriggan turns around and walks away from the Nomad, who misses on his free strike. He walks 2" through the forest till he sights Shae. Then it's missiles away. The first misses; even with a boosted attack roll but deviates onto Shae anyway. I then boost the damage. It's pow 5, which means it's -14 to damage Shae and I need to roll 17 on 4 dice to kill him. I roll 6,6,5,4. Good bye Shae. 

Thoughts on game
Right after this, my opponent went through some super-condensed version of the stages of grief. First it was denial; where he kept repeating "Pow 5, wth" then anger then acceptance. And let's be honest here, that was such a long shot. The other choice would have been to try and jam him with my winterguard and risen and just run everything up. It probably would have worked since I was out-attritioning him at a pretty good rate and frankly, I don't think he had much left that could deal with def 17 winterguard.  However, not running on my first turn cost me.