Saturday, 11 April 2015

Aurora vs Rahn

My first time using Aurora doesn't turn out so well. 


Enigma Foundry
Enigma Foundry
TEP Battle Engine


Stormfall Archers
Stormfall Archers
Mage Hunter Infiltrators with Eiryss3
Magehunter Assassin
Magehunter Assassin

So...that's a lot of infantry against very little infantry of mine. Otoh, I do have the Enigma Foundries but they can only bring back 1 person per turn. I'll likely have to depend on my BE for infantry clearing. The theory behind my list is simple, I like Eradicators that can move 7", run 12" and charge 10". What's even better is having Refuge on them. However, I am lacking in ranged firepower which may be a problem. He ends up going first and we play Scenario #4; Fire Support. 

Turn 1
-He runs both Assassins up a flank; left and right respectively. The infiltrators run up the left flank, towards my flag. The mages run up the center. Stormfall Archers run up the left and right as well. Chimera gets a focus from the Arcanist and it runs up towards the infiltrators. Rahn arcs polarity shield onto the Infiltrators through the Chimera and then walks up. 
+My turn is equally simple. My battlegroup apparates 2" forward. The corollary goes first and gets a focus. It then passes that focus to the Inverter and the Diffuser (due to its 2 different rules, Induction and its *action ability). The Inverter runs up. The diffuser runs up. Both pass their focus back to the corollary. Aurora walks up, casts true path and transference and camps 1. Eradicators run up the right and center flank. Reciprocators walk up the left. The BE walks up the right flank. I really should have run it because otherwise, the BE takes too long to get to the action. 

Turn 2
-He upkeeps Polarity shield for free thanks to Sylyss. However, instead of engaging me, he decides to move his Infiltrators backwards. Can't quite understand why. His mages however decide to take potshots at my Eradicators but with armor 17, most of their shots bounce off.  The stormfall archers aim for my Eradicators as well but he rolls horribly with them and they miss a lot. 
+I upkeep transference. Corollary spreads the focus again to Diffuser and Inverter. Diffuser stands still and shoots a battlemage. Aurora activates, walks out of killbox and casts true path again. The Eradicators run up once again, choosing their buckler option on their variant ability. The BE walks up and sprays 2 mages to death. This is a consequence of not running the first turn. Now he's too slow to do much. Reciprocators move up in shieldwall. I'm stymied by the huge DEEP WATER feature in the exact center of the table. Not only does it block me from getting to him, he has no issue clustering his troops on the other side to shoot me. 

Turn 3
-He upkeeps polarity shield again. Once again, his Infiltrators decide to run away instead of charging me. His assassin charges the BE and inflicts a whooping 9 damage to it, translating into 18 damage. Wtf. Then Rahn activates and force blasts it, boosts the damage and the BE is gone. -_- The mages continue shooting my eradicators but then he decides to shoot my Reciprocators with Aiyana's Kiss. He ends up splitting his damage among way too many units and the end result is that he really only kills 2 guys, which I'll bring back with the Foundries later. 
+Well...I think I'm within charge range of his guys. I think. Circumventing that patch of water is taking me a while. But I think this is probably the best turn to feat. Aurora upkeeps transference. She feats, catching everyone in her ctrl area, thanks to the +2" from the corollary. She then charges the Magehunter that killed the BE, boosts to hit and kills it. Then she refuges backwards and cast true path, which was a mistake I think. My foundries replenish the units that suffered casualties. With that done, my right unit eradicators charge into his objective and mages and stormfall archers, using sidestep to reach in and kill more of his models. The Reciprocators walk up in shieldwall and one of them kills 1 infiltrator. The other unit of Eradicators charge up and kill Aiyana and Holt. 

Turn 4
-I've made several mistakes which my opponent is going to take advantage of during his turn. First, the arcanist gives the Chimera one focus. The Chimera activates and kills the Eradicator engaging it with a combo strike. Sylyss gives Rahn arcane secrets. Rahn activates and feats, force hammering an Eradicator into Aurora. It hits and knocks both of them down. Then he proceeds to smack Aurora around with spells. Aurora dies. 

Thoughts on game
Well, I could have prevented that whole assassination scenario by just moving backwards even further. I didn't move my full refuge distance but I moved enough so that I could give all my models true path. Which was also probably a mistake as I don't think I really needed it that much. Ah well, lesson learnt. 

With regards to this list though, I pretty much need to cast true path constantly the first 2 turns probably but once my Eradicators are stuck with the enemy infantry, I can probably camp. I do need more shooting however so I'm probably replacing the Inverter with a Monitor. This is because the Inverter did nothing at all this game and just got blocked constantly by my units or all his targets were killed off by my infantry units.