Friday, 17 April 2015

Iron Mother vs eLylyth

The dreaded eLylyth. Apparently she has a spell that grants her whole battlegroup stealth... *looks at Prime Axiom*


TEP Battle Engine
Enigma Foundry
Enigma Foundry
Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex
Optifex Directive
Attunement Servitors


Totem Hunter
Gobbo Swampcrew

Okay, so I've changed out my list a bit since the last version. I took out servitors and a repair unit and added in another Enigma Foundry to help with my recursion. However, this still doesn't mean I'm confident of facing eLylyth and quite frankly, I wish I was using Lucant for this match-up but I have a bad habit of only bringing one army list down to most games. I'm going first and we're playing #8; Recon. 

Turn 1
-Well, if I hesitate, I'm lost. ADO runs and hides behind objective. Corollary activates, gives 1 focus to Prime Axiom. Axiom runs forward, up the center. BE runs forward up the center. My reductors and obstructors both run up, angling towards the center and camping behind a nearby wall. The Enigmas follow them. Iron Mother casts Tactical Superiority on herself and walks up. Then hides behind the two giant bases. 
+ Lylyth walks up and casts the spell that gives her battlegroup stealth; Shadowpack. This means I really really can't hit them with ranged attacks probably. Striders walk up and shoot some of the Servitors. Ravagore tries to shoot the ADO arcnode, walking up a funny angle to be able to draw LOS to him. It misses but the scatter still catches him anyway. However, he fails to kill it with the blast damage. The other Ravagore can't see it at all so it's safe for now. Instead the other ravagore animuses and shoots my obstructors. I don't really care because he's never going to kill enough to stop me from bringing the squad back to full next turn. 

Turn 2
-I upkeep TS. ADO runs  towards the striders. Corollary activates, gives the Axiom focus again. The Axiom moves towards the zone, but keeps far enough away that the Angelius probably can't charge it this turn. He has nothing to shoot at due to them all being to far away to hit reliably.  BE moves up again, towards the zone. I don't run this time because I want the permutation servitors around for sac pawn. Iron mother arcs shrapnel swarm through the ADO 2x and kills both Striders. She then camps behind the two huge bases. The obstructors and reductors run towards the zone, followed by the Enigma Foundries. 
+'s feat time for her. eLylyth feats, goes up, kills my ADO, kills my servitors and obstructors with her sick snapfire and feat shots. However, she forgets to cast pincushion on the Axiom...Which means the Ravagores feat and try to kill the Axiom but it isn't happening. Everything that can shoot at the Axiom does so but some of them just bounce off armor 20. I do still take a huge amount of damage due to 4 ravagore shots though. 

Turn 3
- Well...I think my Axiom is finally in range to do something. But first, I upkeep TS. I give 2 to the Axiom. The corollary gives it 1 more. Iron Mother feats, shrapnel swarms the ravagore and killing the gobbos in response. Her servitors hit the objective for +2 damage. The repair dudes walk up and repair the Axiom. The axiom walks up, drags the Teraph in and then beats him, then drags him again with the other puncture and kills him. Then I shoot the objective to death with the Axiom. My obstructors and reductors run up towards the zone, followed by the Enigma Foundry. My BE walks forward because he's being blocked by the infantry. Mother TSs behind some Optifex Directives and hides. 
+ This doesn't look good for my opponent. I'm this close to swarming him. He decides to try for an assassination run. Lylyth walks up and kills the dudes blocking mother from LOS and then hits mother with pincushion. Unfortunately, she's out of shots so she can't do anything else. The angelius walks up to try and shoot Mother but it's too far. This means the rest of his warbeasts are out of range. However...there's always scatter dice...He tries for the long shot. One scatter actually hits. Iron Mother is on fire but even on a boosted blast damage roll, he doesn't do enough to kill me. And now Lylyth is right next to the Axiom...

Turn 4
-Iron mother puts out the fire ironically enough. Not that it would have mattered because even on boxcars, he wouldn't have killed me. I give 2 focus to the Axiom. Corollary activates and gives it one. Axiom turns and smacks Lylyth, killing her. 

Thoughts on game
I always end up blocking my own BE somehow. And then I usually don't dare to shoot over my own guys because at armor 14, there's a high chance I'll kill them. 

However, after the game we discovered I had played something wrongly. While the ADO is an arc node, it only works if its within 5" of a warjack and I don't think it was close enough to have arced 2 shrapnel swarms into the striders then. Would it have changed the game? Slightly I guess but I think the main issue was the Axiom not dying, which the Striders couldn't really help with.