Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Bradigus vs pGrissel

Testing out tier 3

Bradigus (proxied by wold warden)
-Wold guardian

Shifting stones with UA
Shifting Stones
Shifting stones
Blackclad Wayfarer
Gallows Grove
Gallows Grove (proxied by Gorax)
Sentry Stone
Sentry Stone


Nyss hunters
Gatorman Witch Doctor
Warders withTrollkin Sorceror
Krielstone bearer with UA
Fellcaller hero

So my list is simple enough. I've almost always tried Bradigus in T4 but this time I'm going to try and take him in T3. Originally I had him with 2 blackclads because free charges are always good on fury2 beasts plus the spray helps clear out infantry.  But I decided to put in some gallows grove as well, mostly because I'm hoping to be able to arc battering ram through them and push something juicy towards my beasts. My opponents list is also fairly attrition-y with double warders and a gatorman to give the Nyss tough. I go first and we play Incursion. 

Turn 1
-Well since my opponent has no range but Nyss hunters and most of them are out of range of me, I'm just going to run everything forward. Including the Sentry stones mannikins. But just in case, the watchers are going to stand nearby to shieldguard. Everything moves in a big mass up towards the center of the table. Bradigus follows up after casting synergy. 
+ His nyss hunters run towards the left flag. Gatorman gives them tough. Warders with UA get pathfinder from the hero and run up the center, towards the huge patch of rough terrain in the middle. Other warders run up the right. Grissel dumps fury into the stones and moves up. Stones go up and give +2 armor. 

Turn 2
-Now that they're in range, it's time for me to start hiding. Stones use serenity to reduce fury on my watchers. My watchers activate first because I don't want to block my own LOS with the forests I create later. They walk up, boost to hit on the Nyss and Warders and kill 2 Nyss and almost kill 1 warder. I make sure to stoneform all of them. The mannikins then walk forward and create forests while the sentry stones create more mannikins. The gallows grove pop forward, next to the stones. 
+His warders with UA get pathfinder from the fellcaller hero and runs up towards me. His other unit, having pathfinder already, just walks up towards me. He's trying to engage me but it's out of his reach. However, this is solved once Grissel walks up and feats, catching both warder units in her control area. Mulg walks up, as do the stones and axer. Nyss hunter CRA to try and hit my gallows grove but I shieldguard it. I was expecting him to try and do multiple small shots to take it down because there's only so much I can shield guard but he doesn't. H At the end of his turn, he uses his feat to jam me with his warders but he ends up leaving Grissel in a very vulnerable position. I ask him if he's sure because I can TP and feat and likely reach her but he's sure. And has a cunning plan to boot. 

Turn 3
-Well, I upkeep synergy. Mannikins are engaged with his warders so I use them to jam the warders back while the Sentry stone TPs forward and...devours Grissels last fury. As well as the stonebearers and mulgs. I then try to kill warders with boosted damage rolls from Mannikins. It isn't...working. Well, worth a shot. Other mannikins walk forward and beat the warders. Sentry stone TPs forward as well. Then my synergy chain starts. Watchers walk up and beat warders, but surprisingly, I have a hard time cracking them EVEN with synergy up. Then I TP the wold guardian forward with 1 set of stones. He proceeds to kill a warder which is blocking the TP for Bradigus. I then TP Bradigus forward with another pair of stones. Bradigus feats and beats Grissel. It's at this point, my opponents cunning plan comes into effect. He moves Mulg over to try and beat me. Unfortunately, he can't really reach me that well except with his reach weapon. And damn, it hurts a lot. At this point, it's a race to see whether I can kill grissel first or Mulg kills me first. tl;dr Grissel dies while I still have one fury. 

Thoughts on game
Okay....I forgot Mulg can do that. I really could have prevented it if I had chosen to beat back Grissel and then moved up towards her because Mulg just barely touched me with his big stick. If I had beat back, I would have been out of reach. That or I use my last unit of stones to jam Mulg.