Monday, 6 April 2015

Iron Mother vs eMadrak

So I finally get to test the TEP out. 


Optifex Directive
Optifex Directive
Attunement Servitors
Attunement Servitors
Enigma Foundry

-Pyre troll
-Rune Bearer

Fennblades with UA
Fellcaller Hero
Krielstone bearer with UA
Pyg Burrowers

So I've played Iron Mother before, but always in tier list. However, I usually had a hard time dealing with infantry swarms; which was ironic considering IM is probably our best anti-infantry caster, so I've decided to wait till I had the TEP before I went back to using her. And I've gone out of tier this time so that I have more bodies to fill in the holes. I may have gone overboard with the attunement servitors though but this is a trial list so we'll see how it goes. I go 2nd and we play Fire Support. 

Turn 1
-Pyg burrowers run up. Warders run to the left and 2nd warders run to the right. Fennblades follow up behind the pygs, followed by Madrak. 
+Attunement servitors run up. TEP attempts to move up and spray some of the burrowers. Only really clip 1. Mother casts firesupport, issues a run charge order. One servitor runs up all the way up front. The other hangs around, to be a sacrificial lamb for mother. Mother charges the servitor, then arcs shrapnel swarm through the 1st servitor up front, killing a few more burrowers. Mother then fails to hit her own servitor. Then I cast tactical supremacy on myself. Axiom moves up and shoots the burrowers with whatever he can. Obstructors run up the left flank. Reductors follow behind them, using them as a meatshield. 

Turn 2
-His pygs burrow. The fennblades mini-feat up into the obstructors, killing some of them. They also try to kill my servitor; that had previously run up, but miss as well. The warders continue running up their respective flanks. 
+I upkeep Tactical Supremacy. So I know his burrowers are going to come out and hit me next turn. And I can't really do anything to stop it. I mean, I tried to kill several of them before they could come out but really, unless I somehow find more bodies to swarm the probably zone of entry, they're going to come out and severely wreck some stuff up. In that case, I better start most of his stuff this turn. I use my reductors to clear the fennblades blocking me. Enigma foundry pops out more Obstructors. They charge the fennblades and 1 warder, CMAing to kill the warder. TEP walks up and sprays the fennblades and 1 warder. Mother casts firegroup and then walks up and shoots some fennblades as well as casting shrapnel swarm at Madrak, who's surrounded himself with krielstone bearers. I pop the bearers, and force Madrak to sacrifice the krielstone bearer thanks to his own grim salvation. Axiom walks up and shoots the fennblades and drags a warder over to himself and then pops it. That's my turn in a nutshell and now to wait for his counter-attack. 

Turn 3
-Fennblades vengeance and cut down some obstructors and servitors. Well, the burrowers pop out. They get bloodfury cast on them. They charge my Axiom and the Battle engine. However, due to the angle, they can only get 4 into the Axiom and the other 2 must go into the BE. This isn't enough to kill them. Madrak feats, hoping to do it, but still nope. Fennblades go into obstructors, who are blocking their way to the BE. Warders run up and kill obstructors on the left and servitors on the right. 
+I upkeep TS. My two units of mechanics repair the BE and the Colossal as much as they can. The BE walks up and tries to spray madrak, but damn, I forgot he was armor 19 thanks to krielstone. Thanks to that, most of my attacks just bounce off, although one forces him to sac yet another krielstone model. At this point, model walks into the forest, makes sure she can just barely see 3" out and casts firesupport and then shoots madrak again. He keeps clustering his models around himself to protect himself with Grim Salvation and I keep taking advantage of it. Then I shrapnel swarm him two times. Axiom shoots and kills several of the burrowers engaged with him. At the end of the round, I make sure to TS Mother backwards so that no one can see her.

Turn 4 
-He drops bloodfury. He casts bloodfury onto the right warders. 3 of them charge into Prime Axiom but it's not enough to down him. He actually wanted to charge with a 4th but there was no clear charge lane so the 4th ends up hanging around Madrak.  The warders on the right go into the BE and some more obstructors and kill the BE. The bouncer walks up and kills some servitors and obstructors. 
+I upkeep TS. Mother feats, shrapnel swarms Madrak and forces him to sac a warder. I decide to shoot instead of meleeing with the Axiom. Reason being that I have a higher volume of attacks that way with the tow cable. Sadly, the guy somehow makes 4 tough rolls out of the 5 times I've attacked him. -_- Looks like the Axiom is going to die next turn. My mechanics try to repair it but I don't think it's going to be enough. My foundry pops out more obstructors and 2 of them charge into Madrak, CMAing him and hit. He ends up taking the damage since it's only 5 or so. The rest try to kill some warders but find it really hard to do so. 

Turn 5
-Madrak upkeeps bloodfury. The warders on the right continue hitting my axiom. Madrak gets a free bloodfury from the Runbearer, charges the Axiom and finishes it off, but this leaves him dry. The other warders finish off my obstructors, ensuring I have no melee left. 
+This is pretty bad for me. In an attrition game, I'm pretty sure I straight out lose right now. Which means...assassination.  I drop TS. Foundry spots reductors. Reductors try to spray Madrak, but even with his minus defense from blood fury, it's not easy. Corollary activates and headbutts the warder near Iron Mother. Iron mother walks over to Madrak, boosts to hit, hits, boosts the damage, buys another attack, boosts to hit and boosts the damage. Madrak fails his tough roll and dies. Just in case, I still had 2 focus left to spam with attacks. Although I really should have tried assassinating him first before using reductors. 

Thoughts on game
Well...The TEP gets some getting used to. It's definitely got potential but I think I need to understand more about using it. Which means using it more. It's also definitely going to be target #1 due to its HUGE potential at infantry clearing. 

Also, I think Iron Mother is probably a lot better out of tier than in tier, thanks to not having every single model in the game depend on her Mat 5/ Rat 5. My opponent kept clustering models around Madrak, which just gave me the opportunity to constantly shrapnel swarm him. Ironically, none of us got any CP at all.