Saturday, 22 December 2012

Update: The situation with Broken Egg Games

Well, I'm glad to say that my sitch with Broken Egg Games was resolved; although I still wish that it had never happened in the first place. I'm also not too happy with their level of service.

Just a quick break down of what happened. 

Nov 2nd: I place an order for one of their tournament trays and I receive an invoice.

Nov 6th: My debit account is charged for the full amount

Nov 23rd: I send an email via their support page asking if there's any status update on the order since their webpage says it takes 14 days for shipping and by that time, it's been 21 days since if you count the date I received an invoice. If not, it's been 17 days anyway.

Nov 24th: I leave a polite message on their facebook inquiring about the status when I haven't received any reply. 

Nov 25th: I notice the message has 'mysteriously' disappeared from their facebook page. 

Nov 27th: I send another email asking them for a status update but still receive nothing.

Nov 30th: I dispute the charge with my bank

Dec 5th: Now, this is the funny part. Apparently 32 days after I placed the order and 11 days after I sent them my first email and 5 days after I disputed the charge, they send me an email. Which is hilarious if you're not involved in the situation. They tell me that they've been trying to get in touch with me and that my initial shipping charge of 10USD has been inflated to 60 USD but they're willing to subsidise 20USD of that so I just need to pay an additional 30USD. 

Now, this is the kicker. I KNOW they didn't try to contact me before this. There were no messages in my spam folder, there were no messages on facebook and they obviously had my contact details correct because a) they sent me the invoice and b)they sent me this email. 

By this time, I'm spitting mad because not only did they take 32 days to tell me there's an error in the shipping charge; something I think would have been obvious from the very first few days, but they ignored all my emails previously and deleted my post on their facebook wall. Not only that, now they try and TELL me that they've been trying to reach me frantically all this while? WHAT BS IS THIS?

I send a fairly polite but direct email to them about their reply, telling them to  cancel my order


  How have you been attempting to contact me? I am curious as I have received nothing from your side until this attempt and I placed the order on the 3rd of November and sent you all 2 messages via the contact us function on your website as well as placing a message on your facebook page. And yet, I've received no replies. Even more mysteriously, my facebook post on your wall has disappeared. I've received nothing in my spam folder or in my facebook inbox either, so I'm just curious, when you say you've been attempting to contact me, how did you do so when I've received nothing?

Please cancel my order as I already have initiated a credit card dispute with my bank over your non-replies to my initial queries on the status of the order; well over the period of 14 days when it should have shipped. And I know you guys charged me on the 6th of November as well. You think you would at least be able to drop me an email saying 'hey, we might have to revise the shipping charges, it'll be this amount or we'll let you know' when you had the time to charge me for my order.


I then receive an automated reply saying that they will reply to me within 36 hours. 

Dec 13th: This is now 8 days after I sent my reply. That's 192 past their 36 hour time frame, which is more than 2x the time they said they would reply to me by. I send them an email asking them for a reply to my previous one, and also stating it's been more than 36 hours. Way more

Dec 16th: I finally receive a reply from Broken Egg Games, telling me they don't understand how their mails went missing. Let's be honest here, if they were that punctual with replying to me, I wouldn't have had to wait 8 days for their DAMN REPLY in the first place. But at the very least, they agree to refund me the balance.

Thoughts: So would I buy a broken egg games tray? Probably, I still like their design but I wouldn't buy it directly from them anymore. Just from someone who has their stuff in stock and who isn't them -_-