Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Dust Tactics: Gorillas in the Mist

So what do we have? Gorillas. With Power fists. Man, if only more miniatures could remind me of Hellboy (although seriously, I would love a Hellboy comic inspired army.)

Anyway, with the news that Dust Tactics is going to become a tabletop wargame, I've finally taken a small plunge and bought some models for it. Before, I thought it was somewhat cool but frankly, as a board game, it kinda limited my options for play since most of my friends don't like wargames masquerading as boardgames. 

Anyway, the box was really really light. So much so that I thought there wasn't anything in there at first. I even shook it to try and see if I could hear any rattling inside. But turns out they have plastic inner layers to hold the figures firm. Although this actually means the box doesn't need to be quite that big. It could actually be smaller. It also comes with the stat card for the models for use in Dust Tactics.
As you can see, the models come fully assembled. You might be able to twist off the powerfist but I didn't try because it didn't seem like it would come off easy and I didn't want to break the model. 
I like the bases though. I wish Privateerpress would make and release these kind of bases with miniatures. Mostly because then it would be very very easy to see where each models front arc is. 
I didn't bother priming them but the paint sticks pretty well to their default matt-grey surface. So I did a quick paint job on them and tried different colors for all 3 of them. I think I like the orange one the most. 

So what am I going to use these for? Well, until I get a copy of the dust tactics rulebook, I'll probably use them as proxies in Warmachine. The bases are the same size and they come with their front arcs clearly marked. I was in fact thinking of proxying them for doom reavers but that would mean having to get another 3 gorillas.