Friday, 9 March 2012

Mass Effect 3 #2

  So far, Mass Effect 2 hasn't lived up to its hype (for me). 7 hours into the game, I'm still stuck with only 4 party members and I'm pretty damn well sick of them already. They just don't click with me. I miss the funnier party members like Mordin or Tali. Heck, I'd even take Jack because sheer biotic power is always good. Instead I get...Garrus, EDI, Liara and Kaiden-replacement.

Speaking of Mordin, they end up killing himself as well. Man, I was raging so hard during that scene because I didn't really find it very believable. Really Mordin? I can't send EDI the only good AI in the universe to go hack the computer? Only you can do it? Plus even if EDI dies, her main body is still back on the Normandy so everything's fine. 

And then Mordin's death leads to the same-ass horrible dream sequence. Dammit, Shepard, you need to stop dreaming about little boys and chasing them in your dreams!