Friday, 6 December 2013


The story of 2 princesses, a reindeer, a prince and a ice seller. Oh and a snowman.
So Frozen is Disneys 2013 Christmas flick. Have to say, I preferred Wreck-it Ralph. Mostly because Frozen is pretty by the numbers for a Disney film. 

Let's see, we have two princesses, who were both shut away from normal society. One because she was apparently Ice Man from X-men, and the other because she was related to the first. I'm going to have to say, their parents were pretty horrible parents overall. Also, how on earth do they have such a huge castle with NO ONE around? Who cleans the castle? Cooks for them? You never see anyone else around and the impression is given that only the two of them live in that castle. As someone who has his own place by himself, I'm just going to call BS on that and say it's IMPOSSIBLE for two people to clean that castle all by themselves unless they spend 24/7 doing it. 

So eventually, the parents die in a tragic accident and the girls spend their time alone until finally the elder sister is of age to be coronated as Queen. In the mean time who's been ruling the country? No one knows. So they open the castle to the common people for the coronation, as well as inviting people from nearby countries to witness it. During the coronation, Sister B; the younger impetuous one, decides to marry the first handsome prince she meets while calling it true love. Something which is frowned upon by the elder sister and they quarrel, her powers are revealed and she runs away, veiling the land in perpetual winter. Now it's up to the younger sister to bring her back and help her.

Overall, the film is decent but not great. The younger sister's singing really doesn't cut it for me but the Ice Queens singing is great. Unfortunately, most of the time it's the younger sister singing... The humor is there and some parts are really great like when everyone questions the younger sisters judgment cause she decided to marry someone she met that day. However, again, this film is very by the numbers. That means once you see something coming, you know that something else will happen. 

This is especially true when you see the younger sister start to have feelings for the other guy. Once you see that happen, you know something's going to happen to the original prince. A development which felt like it came out of nowhere really just to fit the storyline. 

So basically, it's a good watch but it's not a classic. I wouldn't even put it near my top 3 Disney movies for the past several years.