Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Happy Seppuku Stamps

So I backed this a few months and got my stamps. On time too, no less! The shock of it all!

Anyway, what was this KS about? Basically being able to produce molds to make textured bases easily. You just dump some putty/greenstuff onto the base, press down with the mold and hey presto, you have your textured base right there. 

So the original plan was to produce 20 different stamps but with added stretchgoals and everything, they were able to produce 28 different stamps; 20 bases and 8 accents. 
What are bases and what are accents? Well bases are the base texture you want for your stamp. They're the simple ones like cobble stone roads, scorched earth, metal netting, etc
I was able to make this using the cobble stone base. Note, that blue stuff? It's blu-tac basically. I was just testing out the various prints I could make and I didn't want to waste some green stuff or anything while I tested it out. As you can see, the reproduction of cobble stones is pretty good. 

  Then there are the accents. Which include stuff like sewer grates, bones, swamp moss, dragon gold piles etc. They're really interesting because they allow you to personalise the bases you have pretty easily. The Happy Seppuku webpage has a few more details on this.

So far I haven't tried their putty yet. However, green stuff seems a bit too hard to be able to capture the fine details of the stamps probably. This was greenstuff with white primer and then agrax earthshade. 

Overall, I'm pretty happy with this KS. It shipped on time, the stamps are basically what was advertised. I may/probably have gotten too many stamps. Not every stamp is a winner though, I'm generally not too impressed with the rough sand and mud/snow ones. But overall, pretty happy.