Monday, 2 December 2013

High Command Kingmaker

So we had a High Command Kingmaker tournament recently, and I use the word tournament a bit loosely since we only had 4 people turn up; one of which was the TO... So not exactly the best turn out ever

The faction breakdown was fairly simple. 3 Warmachine factions; Cygnar, Khador, Menoth and 1 Hordes; Skorne. Probably cause no one wanted to play Cryx. Since there were only 4 people, we all ended up using the TOs High Command set, which saved us the trouble of having to resleeve any potential locations we would capture. 

My faction colors were Red/Blue green for Cygnar. Blue was a must because the Stormblade platoon was in it and they're one of  the best infantries Cygnar has. I usually take the Heavy Armor (Red) in most factions anyway. And it was a toss-up between Green or Yellow thanks to Siege. 

What followed was a pretty brutal game; for me at least. Skorne won the dice off so we ended up using the Hordes location deck. The Menoth and Khador factions were perfectly content to camp while Skorne was hyper-aggressive. Like I've said before in a previous review. There is really no incentive at times for people to contest for locations, unless you REALLY really want a particular location for it's benefits. 

Menoth and I ended up clashing pretty early on due to the fact that we both wanted the same location that would provide 3 CMD or 3 WAR for resources. Khador ended up camping a location that no one was interested in while Skorne fended him off for a while. What ended up tipping the scale was Khador being the first to get a location even though he went last. Once that happened, it was pretty much confirmed that Khador would win. Didn't hurt that Khador has the most VP-rich deck out of all the other factions. 

I ended up chasing Menoth out of the location by plunking down 4 units there and I thought that was the end of it. But Skorne ended up sending 2 warlocks just to kill off my units and prevent me from taking the location. Which then severely neutered his power for the rest of the game. 

Surprisingly, this game lasted the full 12 rounds since the Day of Reckoning card was the very last card in the Winds of War deck. End Result? Khador Victory. Just as expected.  

Overall, I'd say this was fun and I can't wait for the Hordes event. Although I still say there's something wrong about using either Hordes Specific Locations for Warmachine or vice versa, and there also needs to be a way to encourage more aggression in the game. Otherwise it becomes very tame.