Wednesday, 4 December 2013

eFeora vs pSkarre

Fire, burn it all with fire! Also, I think there's something about this month that makes me write batreps slower...


Errants with UA
Min. Choir
Covenant of Menoth
Rhupert of Menoth


Satyxis Raiders with UA
Blood Witches with UA
Satyxis Raider Captain
Min. Mechanithralls
Min. Mechanithralls
Skarlock Thrall
Saxon Orrik

We're playing Scenario #5; Incursion and I end up going second. 

Turn 1
-The satyxis run straight up the center. They're obviously hoping to jam me hard. The skarlock helps pSkarre cast ritual sacrifice for free on a mechanithrall. pSkarre moves up the board, hiding behind the forest. The mechanithralls split into two hordes, going for the right and the left. 
+No focus to anything. I see a strange vector and go for it. I make sure my jacks aren't too close to the front line because feedback would probably kill me. Choir sings battle and the Judicator walks up first. He shoots, double 6s and hits. Then I roll for deviation. I need a 1 on deviation and 4 on distance to be able to hit skarre. I roll 5 for distance, but everything else is spot on. Skarre is now on fire. on turn 1. I take the risky move. Errants run up. Rhupert gives them tough; which was a mistake. Book runs up. Feora runs up and now I've got skarre within my control area. Hello ever-burning flames. Vassal gives the Judicator an anc. attack, letting him set more things on fire. Also, center flag disappears.

Turn 2
-Damn, fire goes out on the blood hag. So close...The blood witches go incorporal and run/charge whatever they can. Due to the blood hag being within CMD, my errants lose tough. The raider captain gives the raiders desperate pace. pSkarre feats and casts dark guidance, though god knows why, errants are def 12. The raiders walk up and beat face on the errants. It's not a very good showing for the errants. Skarlock helps cast ritual sacrifice for free again. 
+Feat? No problem. I may not kill them now but fire will the next turn. Judicator gets 1 free focus from reliquary. Choir sings battle again. The judicator walks up and starts spraying stuff everywhere. Vassal gives it another ancilliary attack. Feora casts escort, firesteps out and feats, collecting lots of focus. The devout walks around. The errants beat whatever they can. And miss a few times. Rhupert gives them +1 def and terror, forcing the enemy to take a CMD check. 

Turn 3
-Skarre is still on fire. However, I'm rolling crap on my fire damage. Lots of people die to fire. Skarlock casts ritual sacrifice again. Skarre actually decides to stop casting dark guidance and use her focus to heal herself. Several of the Raiders go into my Judicator to try and jam it up while the helldivers score the left and right flags. The surviving bloodwitches go into my errants but this time, they actually miss sometimes without dark guidance on. They also end up beating on the book.
+2 focus onto the Judicator. I upkeep escort. Choir sings battle. It tramples up past the satyxis, killing them all and into the helldiver and contests the zone. It misses the helldiver though with an extra attack. And even the anc. attack misses. Errants kill some of the blood witches in return while Rhupert sings tough and runs up to contest the objective himself. 

Turn 4
-More fire. PSkarre heals herself again. Skarlock casts ritual sacrifice. The bloodwitches finish off the book. The mechanithralls fail to hit Rhupert. Mechanithralls on the left charge the Judicator. They do not kill it. 
+1 focus to Judicator and 1 to devout. I upkeep escort. Choir sings battle. The judicator does a power sweep on the right side and kills all the mechthralls and hits the helldiver.  Devout runs all the way to contest the other flag but is short. Rhupert sings tough again and walks out a bit more. The surviving errant kills 1 blood witch engaging it. Feora walks up and sprays the necrosurgeon, preventing it from bringing anymore stuff back. 
Turn 5
-Bloodwitches charge the Devout and Errant, dealing some damage to the jack and killing the errant. And downing a system. Mechathralls charge the devout, dealing some more damage to it. Saxon Orrik walks up and shoots Rhupert, killing him. Helldiver scores a point for the zone. Raider Captain charges Judicator, downing its subsystem.
+Now I have to allocate focus to the Judicator...I try to take a risk, 1 focus to the devout and 2 to the Judicator. Choir sings battle. Judicator turns and shoots the devout, hitting and clearing out the mess of infantry next to it. Unfortunately, I roll REALLY high on my own damage rolls against the devout, as well as bouncing off ONE frigging blood witch. The devout tries to walk out to contest the zone, takes a free strike and dies. At this point it's good game because I have nothing else I can send into the zone to contest. I end my turn and he scores 1 CP.
Turn 6
-He ends his turn and gains the last CP needed for victory.

Thoughts on game
A few things I should have played differently. While setting Skarre on fire on the first turn was great, I relied too much on it. My devout really should have gone to the right side to try and contest that flag as well. My forces were too heavily concentrate on the left, plus most of my errants died in turn 2. By the time I tried to contest that flag, it was too late. 

My judicator functions pretty much very well by itself thanks to reliquary so it probably could have held the left flank while I tried to go for the right flank. Otoh, that was 6 turns of having someones warcaster on fire and they didn't die.