Monday, 16 December 2013

Harbinger vs Terminus

I hate Terminus. With a passion. 

The Harbinger of Menoth - WJ: +5
-    Hierophant
-    Vanquisher - PC: 8
Avatar of Menoth - PC: 11
High Paladin Dartan Vilmon - PC: 3
The Covenant of Menoth - PC: 2
Vassal of Menoth - PC: 2
Exemplar Bastion Seneschal - PC: 3
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord - PC: 2
Vassal of Menoth - PC: 2
Choir of Menoth - Leader & 3 Grunts: 2
Exemplar Errants - Leader and 9 Grunts: 8
-    Exemplar Errant Officer & Standard - Exemplar Errant Officer & Standard 2
Exemplar Bastions - Leader and 4 Grunts: 8


Banethralls with UA
Darragh Wrathe
Withershadow Combine

We play Scenario #8; Incoming. I go 2nd as usual. I never seem to win any of these starting rolls...

Turn 1
-Erebus gets 1 focus and runs up the right flank, towards my zone.Banethralls run up the left flank. Both Mechthralls run up the center. Bile thralls follow behind the right flank. Terminus casts Malediction and moves up. Withershadow stay all the way behind. 
+1 focus to Vanquisher. I roll a 1 on the d6 for Avatar's focus allocation. Not that he needs it now anyway but still, not a good sign. Harbinger feat, casts crusaders call and charges up. Vanquisher charges up. Vassal gives it an ancillary attack and it shoots at the mech thralls. Errants run up into my zone. Bastions follow close behind. Rhupert gives the Errants tough. Book walks up and says no KD. 

Turn 2
-Terminus upkeeps malediction. During his turn, his bane thralls circle strafe Harbinger, so that they don't end up closer to her. This takes up a huge amount of his deathclock time though. Terminus braves the pow 14 and walks forward. Everything else just stays where it is. 
+1 focus to Vanquisher. I roll another 1 for Avatar's focus. Choir walks up, sings battle. Vassal gives Vanquisher enliven. It walks up and touches the zone, controlling it for 2 CP. He shoots the objective and I boost the damage....and it's really really bad. I deal 5 damage to it. But kill several mech thralls. Or they're on fire at least. Other Vassal gives the Avatar ancillary attack and it kills off an errant thats blocking my Harbingers way to her own zone. Bad placing on my part because I want Harbinger to activate before the errants this turn. Avatar runs away. Hierophant gives Harbinger -1 to spell cost. Harby casts crusaders call and guided hand on the errants and charges one of the errants to the back but it's a failed charge. However, this means I'm now within my own zone. Dominating it for 1 CP. Errants charge Erebus and with guided hand on, it means I hit most of my attacks. I'm only able to squeeze 5 into erebus but I down it's cortex at least.  The rest attack Bane thralls where possible. Bastions run up to screen Harbinger. Rhupert gives the errants tough and the book walks up and says no KD. I have 3 CP this turn. 

Turn 3
-He upkeeps Malediction. Tartarus walks up and curses the errants. He can't reach them so he doesn't do anything else. The bane thralls charge my errants and it's a pretty derp moment for my opponent as he misses most of the hits, rolling 1 and 2 pretty much consecutively. Even when he switches to using different dice. Derp. Erebus beats the errants surrounding him. He misses one and I tough out the other. Not good. Both units of Mechthralls run up to contest both zones, with the right flank charging the Vanquisher as well. I enliven away though. Bile thralls follow behind on the right flank. Terminus walks up and sprays the errants, catching a bane thrall in it as well. He misses most of them, kills his bane thrall and I self-sac the sole errant he caught and kill off the KDed errant. 
+1 focus to Vanquisher. Avatar rolls 5 for focus and gets 4. Finally. Not that he's in any position to do anything useful.  The choir sings battle. Avatar charges the mechthralls near the Vanquisher, clearing his path. Vassal walks up and shoots more of them with his AOE to clear even more of his way. Vanquisher walks up and shoots the objective. I boost to hit and kill it with a lucky shot. That's another 1 CP for me, leaving me at 4. Now all I need is to dominate my own zone. Errants get to work clearing whatever they can from the zone, including bane thralls. The sheer number of attacks is enough to make sure he can't make all his tough rolls, especially when the Bastions chip in. I end the turn, dominating my zone and winning on 5 CP. 
Thoughts on game
Well, good thing I won on Scenario cause I don't think I could have won on attrition. That was a huge army arrayed against me. I had a pretty derp moment myself when I was packing up and realised 'wait, where's Vilmon?' only to realise I hadn't taken him out at all. Suppose he could have helped me kill some mechthralls in the opponents zone or just stand there and refuse to let them go past.