Monday, 31 March 2014

Anvil Industry Grenadiers

Producers of fine anvils...I mean miniatures.

So I got some stuff from Anvil Industry recently. For those who don't know, Anvil Industry is a UK based company that makes resin models for both sci-fi and fantasy ranges. Basically, the typical WH40k/WHFB stand-ins. They have a much larger range of Sci-Fi models than Fantasy, probably because WH40k is much more popular than WHFB and they recently completed a Kickstarter last year. Now I didn't take part in the KS but it seems they had shipped most of their rewards fairly on time, so props for that. 

Anyway, I bought the republic grenadiers from them because I like the look of the models. Very sci-fi, but they have hard armor and wear full-faced helmets, so that's great. They also carry big guns, which is even better. 

Delivery was fairly prompt and I have no complaints in that regard. As you can see from the pics, the sprues are fairly simple yet detailed. Each figure is basically split into 2 pieces, the top and bottom part. There are a variety of tops and bottoms in different poses so you can do a bit of mix and matching so that your units don't look too stale and uniform.  I even like the fact that they included a little bit of terrain on the sprue. 

Putting them together was a snap. You just glue the top part to the bottom part, snap off the terrain and boom, you're done. The slots fit perfectly into the bases as well, which is even better. You just need to do a bit of cleaning/filing where there are some obvious sprue marks left on the figures. But even that's pretty minimal. 
Here's a pic of them after I've primed and shaded them with some ink.

And here's a pic of one that I've painted up. They were fairly decent to paint too. They have a fair amount of detail without being overly intricate. Best of all, no random skulls on the figure.