Friday, 16 May 2014

Deep Cut Studios

Producer of gaming mats, based in Lithuana. Fortunately, their shipping rate isn't too expensive so I was able to get a mat from them to test it out. 

So I went for this mat mostly because they currently only have sizes of 3x3ft and 4x6ft. While I could use a 4x6ft for Kings of War or even Warmachine, I decided to get one for my X-wing games. 

Sadly, the first one didn't arrive in too great of a condition. As you can see, I received the mat with the shipping tube broken into half. This wasn't good because it meant the mat was now creased right down the center.

It might not be totally obvious to some people, especially if you're standing and playing x-wing and the mat's at table level and it doesn't affect game play but it's still annoying to receive something and have it be less than perfect out of the box. I was resigned to it since very few companies ship replacements to Singapore, especially when they're small companies based in eastern Europe. However, I did post about my mat on Dakkadakka and the company rep which hangs out there mentioned I should send them the details and they'd look into a replacement for me. 

One short exchange of emails later, I was assured I would be getting a replacement mat. 3-4 weeks later, I received it. All in all, pretty good service I'd say. 

The mat itself is interesting. It's slightly thinner than the material used for most wall banners but it rolls pretty well and can easily be stored. One reason I chose this over a Frontline gaming mat was because this was way cheaper in terms of cost + shipping to me. Also, these aren't mousepads, meaning they're thinner; hence easier to store, but the BIGGEST plus point is that the edges aren't rounded like most mouse pads have to be. I mean, the map is supposed to be 3x3, not 3x3 with a little rounded edge. Yes, again, it's not a huge deal but it was just more incentive to test out this mat first. 

Overall, I think I would buy mats from this company again for my gaming needs.