Saturday, 31 May 2014

eHaley vs Issyria

Blinding light...How I hate you


ATGM with UA
Journeyman warcaster


Halberdiers with UA
MHSF with UA
Magehunter Assassin
Magehunter Assassin
Aiyana and Holt
Houseguard Thane

So after a very horrible with eHaley against another eHaley player with a Stormwall, that ended with ATGMs trying to crit fish a brutal damage shot against a Stormwall just to kill it, I decided to put in 2 stormclads. We play Scenario #8 and I end up going first. 

Turn 1
-1 focus to Thorn. 1 focus to bonded Stormclad. I take an extra one from Squire. Thorn runs up the center, towards his MHSF. I TK thorn forward using Thorn and reaction drive him to behind a wall. Then I cast timebomb onto the magehunters. They're stealthed but I want the drifting AOE to kill them anyway.  It kills 3 of them. Bonded Stormclad gets arcane shield on it and runs up the right. Other Stormclad walks up the left. ATGM run up the left, towards the left zone, trying to touch the hill for extra defense. Boomhowlers sing 4+ tough and run up to the right zone. eEiryss runs up the right as well.
+So now he has a lot of choices on which Jacks he wants to shoot. Chimera apparates. His Halberdiers walk up in shieldwall towards the right zone and then reform. The MHSF walk forward and shoot my stormwall with all their shoots. For some reason, they ignore Thorn, which will prove detrimental. Anyway, at 8 people shooting on 3d6, on average I would only take 16 points of damage since pow 10 vs armor 19. However, I end up with TWO frigging hitboxes on my stormclad. That's some really good rolling there. Anyway, Arcanists gives the two jacks focus. Hyperion runs up to the right zone, behind the forest so he can't actually see anything outside. Chimera runs forward into the right zone. Issyria walks to slightly behind the Hyperion but at an angle which I can still see her, then casts blinding light on the ATGM, misses, cast again and hits I hate that spell. She also casts admonition. End result? She has no focus at end of turn. Magehunter assassin charges and misses thorn. 

Turn 2
-This doesn't look too good for me. If my stormclad was still healthy or had much of anything up, I'd try and use it to kill the Hyperion. But it doesn't. I'm not even sure I can take down the Hyperion now with my army, which leaves me a desperate man. So desperate, I try to an assassination run. I keep all my focus and draw 1 from squire. Stormclad walks up and beats the MHA engaging Thorn. Kills it luckily. Boomhowlers run up and sing 4+ tough. Thorn walks up and beats some MHA, while making sure I'm within spell-slinging range of Issyria. ATGM do nothing since they've been blinding light-ed. Haley feats, casts Timebomb through Thorn onto Issyria. I boost to hit and hit without needing the Squire's reroll. This makes things a LOT easier for me now. Suddenly several arcane bolts go into Issyria and she dies. 

Thoughts on game
Phew, that was a close one. I really would have had a lot of trouble cracking that Hyperion, especially since my ATGM would very likely get blinding light-ed every single frigging turn. It's an insanely good spell, which I can replicate thanks to eHaleys abilities but then that requires me getting Thorn within 5" of his MHSF since they're stealthed...Which isn't good anyway. So it's slightly less useful for me than it is him. 

Overall, it's good that I assassinated him when I did since I didn't really have a plan on how to kill the Hyperion.