Thursday, 8 May 2014

eHaley vs eLylyth 50pts

Man, I hate eLylyth. 


Gunmages with UA
Stormblades with UA and 3 Stormgunners
Stormblade Captain
Journeyman Warcaster
Boomhowlers with Murdoch

-Naga Nightlurker

Spawning Vessel
Blackfrost shard

Okay, so I know eLylyth has some super ranged game; having been on the receiving end of it more than once, so I just need to find a way to make sure my troops survive....Kinda. Otoh, I'm very very rusty with Cygnar and eHaley in particular. We play Scenario 10 and I end up going first, which is what I wanted to do. 

Turn 1
-1 focus to Thorn. 0 to Stormclad. I plan to have him acquire one later via the Stormblades. Boomhowlers run up left flankand sing 4+ tough. I consider whether I want to mini-feat this turn but decide not to. It'll be a waste trying to kill individual boomhowlers with his ravagore anyway. Journeyman walks up and gives Arcane shield to the boomhowlers. ATGM run up the right flank, as do the Stormblades and the Captain. I'm counting on the Boomies to hold the left flank if need while the Stormblades capture the right. eHaley walks up casts Deceleration, TKs Thorn and then reaction drives it up further. Then it Runs up. Stormclad gains a focus and runs up as well. 
+My opponent decides to do something interesting. Lylyth walks up, casts shadow pact and feats and kills a gunmage and then uses that to Swifthunter backwards. One Ravagore gets wraithbane from the Naga Nightlurker and walks up and shoots the Stormclad. It actually misses the first shot while the second shot does very little damage. The 2nd ravagore forgets to get Wraithbane and shoots at the Stormclad. Again, it misses one shot while the other does much less damage due to Deceleration. That's....not good. His gatormen units run up the left flank and the right flank. Obviously, he's going to use both of them to try and contest/hold one zone each. The pot follows behind towards the right zone, where there are the most warm bodies nearby to fill it. 

Turn 2
-Okay, I need to feat this turn but I'm also thinking IF I can kill one ravagore this turn. I don't think so as I seem to remember the Ravagore's were about 17" away from me when they were measuring range to my Stormclad while my max threat range is 16 (6" from bond + various spells + 5" natural SPD + 3" charge + 2" reach). What would suck is failing a charge with a focus laden stormclad. I decide to play it...safer. I give 1 focus to Thorn, get a focus from Squire. Boomhowlers  run/assault up the board but I miss the gatormen I was trying to hit with assault. eHaley walks up, casts TK on herself through Thorn which lets Thorn reaction drive himself up the field. I then Temporal Acceleration Stormclad + TK it forward and then feat. Journeyman casts Arcane Shield on Stormclad. Stormclad activates, gains a focus from a Stormblade and RUNS up the field. I run 14", which with the previous TK means I'm now engaging the Ravagore. Thorn uses the focus and runs and engages the OTHER ravagore. I'm using my reach on both warjacks to stay out of their melee range so that next turn, they can NOT beat me back. The ATGM walk up and shoot one Gatorman to death. I'm surprised too but I rolled pretty high and I crit brutal-ed him to death as well. The stormblades assault and kill off another one. 
+He upkeeps shadowpack. So I make him activate Lylyth first. She casts pursuit on the Stormclad and then walks away since she doesn't take free strikes anyway. Ravagore engaged with Stormclad activates next and moves closer to it. Naga Nightlurker also chooses to move closer to the Stormclad. Ravagore2 walks away from Thorn, taking a freestrike in the process. Gatormen on the right walk into the zone. Pot moves up behind the wall and camps there. The rest were unactivated by the feat and activate normally. The gatormen on my left charge my Boomies with 2 of their number but I pass my tough rolls and my CMD check. 

Turn 3
-This is where I make my first mistake and decide to try something really janky, like trying to assassinate Lylyth. I draw from Squire, give 1 to Thorn and then I Tk Thorn forward into the forest, and then reaction drive him forward, engaging Lylyth, who had previously hidden behind the forest. I timebomb Lylyth but I make a mistake here and forgot the Squire only allows rerolls once per turn. Not once per attack. Anyway, timebomb misses and I reroll. Then I TK Lylyth, which is where I needed the reroll and miss. eHaley decides to retreat much further backwards to somewhere safe. Thorn activates, beats Lylyth and buys one attack but misses with that. Ah well. Boomhowlers charge the Gatormen but fail their CMD test. Really boomhowlers?? Really? You have failed me for the last time!! Damn, that's 1 CP to him cause now I have nothing in that area contesting that zone. I try to run a Stormblade Captain over but he's too...slow. Bleh. Meanwhile, ATGM walk around and clear the zone with thunderbolts while Stormblades assault the Gatormen. I score 1 CP as does he. 
+Lylyth upkeeps shadowpack. Ravagore1 gets blessed from the Succubus and tries to beat down the Stormclad. He many times. The other Ravagore KDs Thorn with a headbutt and beats him. Then the Blackfrost shard charge him. Ironically, still alive and still have arcnode and movement up after all that. Naga crit shadowbinds the Stormclad, but really, I have two warbeasts next to me. I'm not moving anyway. Gatormen on the left try and kill my boomhowlers and all 10 attacks hit but I toughed 9 of them. Which was insane. Gatormen on the left try and kill stormblades and do. The pot spawns a shredder, which then runs and tries to contest the right zone. He scores 1 CP for controlling the left zone. 

Turn 4
-Bleh, that janky turn was a horrible idea. I'm almost tempted to try it again since my arc node is still up (TK away from BFS, timebomb Lylyth in the back and then stab her several times) but I decide to play more conservatively. Since I'm too far from the jacks to give focus, no focus allocation.  Boomhowlers rally. Yay. They still can't do anything. Stormblades and ATGM wipe out the rest of the models in the right zone and Haley walks up, TKs a Gatorman out of the zone and dominates for 2CP. Stormblade whacks the Ravagore in the face, leaving me at 3CP.
+He kills off my boomhowlers after much much effort since I kept making tough rolls all the way to the very end. He even tries to move the BFS out of melee with Thorn so that they can shoot Boomhowlers but I show him when I roll for freestrike and hit him with a 6 on a d6. Sadly, that only happens once. Lylyth moves into the zone and dominates. Ravagore 2 finishes off Thorn. Ravagore1 beats down on Stormclad again with blessed but I'm still alive. Somehow. Naga Nightlurker crit shadowbinds Stormclad AGAIN! Remaining Gatorman walks into the zone. He scores 2CP, leaving him at 4CP. 

Turn 5 many mistakes here. I keep all my focus. The stormclad tries to headbutt the Naga so it KDs, only to realise the Naga can't be KDed...Damn, would have been better just killing it normally. The reason was because I needed to free up a stormblade to contest the left zone. Haley charges a shredder and almost kills it. She then TKs it away so that it's facing away from Gunmages. She TKs the croc as well and timebombs the Shredder but misses and it kills one of my Gunmages. Serious misplay here. The ATGM clear the zone, with thunderbolts, knocking the gatorman, the vessel and the shredder out of the zone. There's only 2 enemies left and I only have 2 guys left to hit them with. 2 Stormblades go in and 1 misses....Meaning I don't get the control the zone! With that, he scores another 2CP, leaving him at 6 and me at 3. 

Thoughts on game
Okay, that was me snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. I really shouldn't have tried for the assassination and just beat the crap out of the Ravagores. That or the Naga nightlurker so he can't get blessed anymore. Also, there were some serious misplays like timebombing instead of just TKing as well as others. Also, Boomhowlers, why do you keep failing CMD checks?? Why???

Otoh, it was a good game and just proves I really need to play eHaley more.