Saturday, 17 May 2014

eHaley vs Rahn

At least it's not Issyria


Tempest Blazers
ATGM with UA


Stormfall Archers
Stormfall Archers
Halberdiers with UA

Alright. I've taken out the Stormblades with UA and Stormblade Captain. I just didn't find the Stormblades to be doing too much, but that's partially because I keep playing against someone's arcane shielded Stormlances, which make their assault pretty useless. I didn't want to take out the SBC but without stormblades around, he's just kinda pointless. I put in Rhupert to help with those CMD tests though. Granted, he's not a commander but he does make units fearless which I'll use to try and mitigate the effects of me failing a CMD test. eEiryss is there to snipe off upkeeps; such as arcane shield. He goes first and we play Scenario 10

Turn 1
-Stormfall archers1 runs up to the left flank, behind a wall. Stormfall archers2 runs up the right flank, behind a wall. They're poised to take their respective zones if need be. The Halberdiers advance up the right in shieldwall, with the magisters following behind them. The arcanists powerboost both warjacks and the Chimera runs up the right flank while the Hyperion runs up the left. Rahn walks up, TKs the Chimera forward a bit and then casts Forcefield and then polarity shield on the Halberdiers. eEiryss moves up.
+Alright. So I probably need to feat this turn since his units are so damn close and will likely just walk up and shoot me to death next turn if I don't. Plus that Hyperion! So I give 1 focus to Stormclad after measuring and making sure it's not within threat range of the Hyperion. eHaley casts deadeye on the gunmages using Thorn; prompting reaction drive then she TKs one gunmage forward and casts Deceleration. With that done, she feats and fails-charge on one of the Halberdiers, making sure to move so that she's not within 12" of Hyperion. Thorn walks up and blocks LOS to her. The gunmage that got TKed walks up and fires a sniped shot into eEiryss, leaving her with one health. DOH. Meanwhile the rest of their targets are too far off. Boomhowlers run up into the right zone and sing 4+ tough. Tempest Blazers walk up into the right zone, decide on e-leap shots and hit the Hyperion. I can only hit it with 4 but eEiryss is the third closest to the Hyperion. 4 shots later, eEiryss dies thanks to eleap. Then I light cav move backwards. Rhupert gives the gunmages tough and fearless. Squire runs up to join Haley. Journeyman casts arcane shield on Stormclad. Stormclad runs so that it's within charge range of the Hyperion next turn. 
Turn 2
-3 focus to Hyperion and he upkeeps both spells. So most of his units are caught in my feat except the right unit of Stormfall archers. Mostly because I killed the one that was caught with an eleap off the Hyperion. I make his Halberdiers move first. They forfeit action to move up, skirting the wall. They can not reform because they don't have an action to complete; due to eHaleys feat so they stay where they are. The stormfall archers on the right activate next and they try to hit my boomhowlers on the hill. That's...def 16 right there, thanks to Deceleration and hill. They miss. Hyperion goes next and it tries to lob an AOE onto a gunmage next to Haley. It boosts to hit and misses and the AOE drifts off somewhere. Then it tries to use it's rapid fire gun to shoot but misses again. Def 17 isn't easy to hit. The arcanists stay further than 4" from the Hyperion because they know that next turn the Hyperion is going to get hit with quite a few eLeaps. The magisters activate and move closer. The housemages walk closer towards the zone.  Stormfall archers on the left run backwards, decided discretion is better than valor. Their only other option would have been to try and hit a stealthed/camouflaged eEiryss with deceleration on her. Basically boxcars to hit. 
+Since the hyperion didn't move away, I get a focus from Squire and give 4 to the Stormclad. I TA it and then dead eye the boomhowlers. Then I move backwards so that I'm not so close to the Hyperion. Stormclad walks up and delivers a beating to the Hyperion. I roll slightly below average so it still has most of one side up. The tempest Blazers walk up and shoot several brutal shots into the Hyperion, dealing a little bit more damage to it. eEiryss walks up and shoots a Halberdier, sniping off Polarity Field. My boomhowlers move up and shoot at the Halberdiers, killing a few of them with deadeyed shots. I then use my gunmages to take care of stormfall archers and manage to kill 2 of them surprisingly, since they were behind cover and it was 10s to hit. They also fail their CMD check. Thorn walks up to block Haley from LOS. I score 1 CP for controlling the right zone. 

Turn 3
-3 fous to Hyperion. He upkeeps force field. Arcanists walks up and repairs right arm. Other Arcanists gives it +2 to STR. It starts beating up on the stormclad at flat damage, thanks to Arcane Shield. It NEARLY kills the Stormclad but it misses one attack roll and I end up still having 4 health left and my cortex and right arm up. Uh...not good. Halberdiers charge and kill some boomhowlers in the right zone and then reform. Stormfall archers pass their CMD check. Stormfall archers on the left move up and try to shoot the stormclad but I'm engaged and they miss. Rahn feats and chain blasts a boomhowler via the Chimera. The magister on the left walks up and shoots the Stormwall with a magic attack, hits but bounces off the armor. The housemages try and kill some boomhowlers and do. 
+4 focus to Stormclad. I draw a focus from the Squire. Stormclad kills off the Hyperion with it's one remaining arm.eEiryss walks up and snipes a Halberdier. Haley casts deadeye on the ATGM and Tempest Blazers and then walks backwards. . Tempest blazers move in and shoot eleaps into the Halberdiers, who are so closely packed together that it's guaranteed to hit one of them. ATGM walk up and shoot the Halberdiers and housemages. Rhupert gives the Boomhowlers pathfinder and the boomhowlers sing to stand up. They charge the Chimera and surviving house mages. Thorn walks into the right zone. I score 1CP for controlling the right with Thorn and 1CP for the left zone which the Stormclad is controlling. 

Turn 4
-Rahn decides to suicide. He moves forward and attacks my Tempest Blazer and boosts to hit. But since he didn't charge, he doesn't geta  boosted attack roll and he decides not to boost either. Which leaves my tempest blazer still alive...He then beats it back and buys another attack on it, boosting to hit again. The magisters and stormfall archers on the left try to kill my Stormclad but I'm behind cover so I'm pretty hard to hit. He misses anyway. He then concedes since I would probably get at least 1CP this turn, possibly 2, which is what I need to win anyway. That or he could contest ONE zone but then next turn I would move in and kill whatever was contesing the zone. 

Thoughts on Game
Having eEiryss to take care of pesky upkeeps makes things so much easier. That and the tempest blazers can actually brutally shoot stuff without having to assault. Having pathfinder on a stick with Rhupert was nice too. Overall, things would have been much harder if my opponent hadn't decided to leave Hyperion where he was instead of moving away during my feat turn. As well as the fact that he missed his vital attack on me, robbing him of the chance to kill me.