Saturday, 24 May 2014

eHaley vs Goreshade3

Lord of Ruin meets the Lady of Cheese

Tempest Blazers
ATGM with UA


Bane Riders
Bane Riders
Banethralls with UA
Bane Knights
Bane Lord Tartarus
Skarlock Thrall

So this is my first time fighting against Goreshade 3. The thing that really worries me is his feat, because being stationary isn't fun for infantry at all. Plus all those bane riders...and bane thralls and bane knights....We play Scenario 6 and he goes first. 

Turn 1
-1 focus to deathripper. Bane riders on the right run up the right flank. Bane knights run up behind them. Skarlock thrall casts occultation on the left unit of Bane Riders. They run up the left flank. Bane thralls run up the center. The deathripper runs up the right, on top of a hill. Goreshade runs up the right. 
+1 focus to stormclad. 1 focus to Thorn. Boomhowlers sing 4+ tough and run up the right flank, towards the bane riders and the zone. Stormclad runs up the center. I TK myself through Thorn, reaction drive, TK Thorn and dead eye the ATGM, feat and then fail-charge up the center, so I'm behind the Stormclad. Thorn runs up the left, into the zone. Tempest Blazers walk up and try to shoot the Bane Thralls but they're too far so they fall back. The ATGM walk up and shoot the bane thralls with dead eye on. They make some tough rolls but I kill a few of them anyway. eEiryss runs up to engage the arc node and also prevent it from getting focus. I would have shot it but I didn't think it was likely to hit since he was on a hill. 

Turn 2
-Here's where it gets interesting. My opponent decides to try and assassinate me for some reason. His bane Knights activate first and they walk forward, up the right flank. His right bane riders activate first and they walk forward and engage some boomhowlers. His left unit then walks forward to engage Thorn. Goreshade then activates, comes forward and then tries to spell me to death. It almost works and I'm left with 2 hp but it's such a long-shot (average dice will still have me surviving) that I'm amazed he tries it. Especially since he wasn't even down. Anyway, his Goreshade 3 is now dry on focus and 3" away from my Stormclad. My bonded Stormclad. With all its systems up...The deathripper activates and kills eEiryss amazingly enough with a melee attack. Tartarus walks up and that ends the number of units in my feat zone. Skarlock thrall walks up but is too far to do anything. Mechanithralls run up. 
+4 focus to Stormclad. I draw focus from the Squire. I cast TK, boost to hit on Goreshade and turn him around. I then deadeye the Tempest Blazers. They walk up and shoot Goreshade with brutal shots. Then the ATGM shoot him with crit brutal shots. Then the boomhowlers shoot him as well. Surprisingly, the boomhowlers kill him with a ranged attack.

Thoughts on game
Truthfully if he hadn't tried to fail-sassinate me, I think this would have been an uphill battle. The Bane Riders would have been annoying to kill, especially since one was stealth due to occultation. Their naturally high armor doesn't hurt either. Plus ghostly -_- That's annoying since I can't just engage them to make them go away. His feat would take care of the fact that he would have an insanely hard time hitting some of my units while I would use my ATGM to snipe out his bane thralls/knights.