Thursday, 19 June 2014

Conception II

Conception II is; to put it kindly, an anime moe-blob type game. One of those games that tries to hard to appeal to a certain fanbase but doesn't really have much substance to it, or much graphics/flash either. 
 The thing about Conception is that it's just so damn plain. The art style while nice isn't anything spectacular or unique. In fact, I would say it's pretty much 'generic' anime art style imo. 
Most of the time, you'll be looking at 2D art except for certain instances/scenes where you'll have 3D cel-animation or when you're questing about in dungeons. 
The 3D is okay, but it's not really anything to write back about. The story is trite and cliched. There are evil monsters invading the world and for some reason only teenagers have the power to fight against them. You; the main character, are of course the Chosen One, the One they have been waiting for all this while. With your guidance, the threat of these monsters will end once and for all. Its not trying to be anything new but does it at least manage to be enjoyable?
One of the things that really draws me in for RPGs are the characters and the storyline. The storyline is kind of a bust on this but that doesn't mean it can't be enjoyable. However, that all depends on the characters. Which is also another bust, sort of. I do like certain character designs/concepts but a fair number of them are pretty bland.

The difficulty of the game is another issue. The game is pretty much too easy, even at the very beginning. There's almost no reason to manually play through the game when your party will just wipe everything off the board with ease. And if you ever run out of hp/mana or need to go back to town to refill? Then just pop a town portal and head back. Heck, you can even continue on with subquests, talking with the female characters or sleep as much as you want back in town. Time will pass but it won't really "pass" as the dungeon and storyline will remain exactly as you left it before you went back to town for a break. Which is a pity. At least in other RPGs, while the stories may be linear, there's at least a sense of urgency where you can't just continue on with your daily RPG routine while trying to fight the dungeons/boss/etc. 

Overall, this game reminds me a LOT of Hyperdimension Neptunia, a game that I also played. Unfortunately, much like Hyperdimension Neptunia, I don't like this game. I'm sure it appeals to a certain crowd who are happy with all the anime references and in-jokes but I generally prefer things with more substance.