Monday, 23 June 2014

Jump Street 22

Jump Street 22 is pretty much a near perfect sequel to Jump Street 21, which is amazing considering how Hollywood treats sequels. 

After some false starts, the buddy cop duo of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are forced to go to school to crack open a drug-peddling case. Again. The film makes a few fairly humorous references to how this film is exactly like its predecessor, with the Captain mentioning how this 'case' is exactly like their previous 'case'. Basically, expect a few bits of meta humor, with Ice Cube even describing his new office as "It's like a cube of ice" and Channing Tatum referencing White House Down by saying "Does it have to be school? I don't know, maybe we can be like secret service agents who have to protect the president or something"

Much like the previous film, there's a lot of humor and a lot of insight into the relationship between Jonah and Channing, except this time Channing is the popular one unlike the previous film, where Jonah; the awkward outcast in High School, was the popular one. Their relationship goes through a few up and downs, get compared awkwardly to a (b)romantic one where they're open to seeing other people and so on. 

There's even one part involving Ice Cube that was hilarious, when Ice Cube turns up at the College that Jonah and Channing are going to. But I'm not going to spoil that because it's really funny and really should be experienced for the first time. 

The film could have been a bit tighter I feel and there's this pseudo climax that's not really the end and then the film goes on a bit longer. Just felt like that could have been shortened a bit but it wasn't unbearable to watch. 

Overall, the film is pretty enjoyable. The only awkward part in it was the final fight scene between Jonah and the drug dealer. That was just weird in its pacing as it made it seem like a very Foe Yay situation when previously there was almost no indication of such a thing. Just felt weird. But hey, when I only have ONE part in a movie that I dislike, that's a great thing. 

Also, the end credits scene? Absolutely freaking hilarious. Definitely a must-watch.