Tuesday, 10 June 2014

eHaley vs pMorghoul

Okay...Boomhowlers have a hard time dealing with armor 20 Cetrati


Journeyman warcaster
ATGM with UA

-Molik karn

Min. Incindiarii
Beast Handlers
Swordsmen with UA

My biggest worry going into the match is how will I kill all those warbeasts? Not to mention the cetrati will be a pain in the ass as well. He goes first and we play Scenario 10.

Turn 1
-His warbeasts run up the center, with his swordsmen running up the left flank towards the zone. The cetrati run up the right flank while the Incindiarii run up into the forest on the right flank. He's going for a typical split flank approach, with the med-based troops going aggressively for one flank while the warbeasts threaten down the center. The only real issue is that Morghoul is fury 5 so his ability to force is going to be hampered somewhat if he doesn't play properly. Morghoul walks up the center and casts admonition on the bronzeback. 
+I think I'm going to have to feat this turn just to prevent his stuff from reaching and killing me. I give 1 focus to both Stormclads and run them up the center. I make sure that they are nowhere near 12" of Molik Karn, not that it matters since he can't attack but I still do not want to be engaged by him. I cast dead eye on the ATGM through Thorn and reaction drive it forward. I then cast deceleration, feat and failcharge forward. Journeyman casts Arcane Shield on the boomhowlers and the boomhowlers sing 4+ tough and run up the right flank, towards the zone the cetrati and incindiarii are contesting. ATGM walk up and have a snipe-fest on the swordsmen. Some of the ATGM are out of range but those that are make sure they kill whatever they hit. Thorn walks up into the left zone.

Turn 2
-Most of his stuff is caught in my feat except Morghoul and the beast handlers. But that's okay since they go last anyway and that messes up his order of activation already. He upkeeps admonition. The swordsmen go first and they walk into the zone to try and contest it later on. Fat chance of that really, the forests not deep enough to hide them and I ignore concealment. The Incindiarii go next and they can only walk 2" into the forest and still end up too far away to shoot anything really. The Cetrati follow up with a shieldmarch up into the right zone and I'd be hard-pressed to dislodge them from there. The bronzeback goes next and it retreats backwards but it's still within charge range of my bonded stormclad. Molik Karn goes next and it moves backwards too. So does the Gladiator. Finally Morghoul activates and he also advances backwards. As do the beasthandlers.
+Okay, first things first. I deliberate stalling without committing my stormclads. That would require me to timebomb twice which isn't good. In the end, my stormclad gets 4 focus and I draw 1 from the squire. I cast TA on it and cast Deadeye on the ATGM through Thorn;reactioning driving it forward and then I fail charge into the zone. ATGM walk forward and decimate the swordsmen in the zone, leaving me to dominate it. eEiryss shoots away Admonition, leaving my Stormclad free to charge into his Bronzeback. I barely kill it with some average-below average rolls. The other Stormclad stands back, ready to counter-charge if need be. My Boomhowlers jam the Cetrati with 3 of their members and spread out over the zone so that they can't be hit by the Incindiarii that easily. I dominate for 2. 

Turn 3
-Retaliation time. Morghoul gives the Gladiator +2 STR (and admonition to Molik) while the beast handlers give it +2STR and free charge as well. The damn gladiator charges me and wrecks the Stormclad with its initials. Wth. It doesn't even need to buy any attacks. The remaining 2 swordsmen charge eEiryss and kill her with a lucky shot. Molik Karn walks up and touches the hill in the left zone. The cetrati stay where they are and try to clear the boomhowlers jamming them. Still, 4+ tough counts for a lot. I also didn't realise they were weaponmasters before this, which made my arcane shield pretty useless in the face of their melee attacks. Still, it helps me against the Incindiarii who shoot me plenty of times this time but can't seem to penetrate my armor 19. 
+So...admonition is on Molik and if I move towards him, I know he's going to try and move forward to jam me or engage my ATGM so I don't bother. Unfortunately for him, he's left Molik within 8" of Thorn. I draw extra focus from Squire. I timebomb Molik first and boost the to hit roll. Molik forces me to reroll and I hit anyway. If I had missed, I still had squire to reroll. I then TK Molik and with the -2 def, he's much easier to hit. I then dead eye the gunmages. The gunmages walk so they don't trigger admonition, kill the rest of the swordsmen and then thunderbolt Molik out of the zone. The Stormclad walks to block Haley from LOS and also making sure I'm out of the Gladiators charge range. Same for Thorn. The boomhowlers charge the Incindiarii and continue jamming the Cetrati. I do not kill a single one of them, despite me double-teaming a Incindiarii with 2 boomhowlers. That's just -3 to dmg on 3d6. And they don't die??? I gain another 2CP for dominating this turn, leaving me at 4. 

Turn 4
-He tries to delay me this turn and upkeeps admonition on Molik. Molik gets +2 SPD from Morghoul. Gladiator gets rush cast on it. It charges my ATGM and boosts to hit on it, misses and boosts to hit on the 2nd attack, I make the tough roll given by Rhupert but the third attack finally kills it. Molik walks forward into the zone. The right zone at this point is just slowly trying to kill boomhowlers without much effect. 
+I TK both warbeasts away and turn them around and then Deadeye the ATGM. The ATGM knock them out of the zone with thunderbolts and the game ends with me getting all the CP needed for Victory.

Thoughts on game
I think my opponent totally forgot about the combo of TK + Thunderbolt during that last run. Although he totally wasted his Incindiarii by leaving them tied up on the right flank with my boomhowlers. Otoh, it was pretty much impossible for my boomhowlers to kill his damn Cetrati. They were just that annoying.