Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Justice League War

Wow...this was kind of really bad in a way. In summary, most of the characters are idiots AND assholes in this movie. 

So just as a preface, let me say I grew up watching B:TAS and JLU and so on. When I think Justice League, I think of these guys. 

So it's probably no surprise that I really preferred the old 52 compared to what people call the nu52; which is everything after flashpoint where the DC Universe reset itself ONCE AGAIN. Except this time around, everyone's an asshole. 

So Justice League War is a film about the first few issues of the nu52 Justice League, which shows them coming together and how they became the Justice League. Seems simple enough, everyone needs an origin story. Basically Darkseid comes to earth for the first time, superheroes team up to stop him. It's kind of like Avengers but much worse. 

Unfortunately, everyone's an asshole in the film. EVEN Superman, who's basically sort of like Man of Steel Superman in the sense he likes to threaten people with his powers and also doesn't seem to care for collateral damage. Did I miss some memo somewhere that said Superman should be an asshole cause that's what people want? That would be like Captain America becoming an asshole. Plus he looks a lot douchier than his previous incarnations. 

Then there's the fact that a lot of times, people act like morons in the film. Like Cyborg AKA Victor Stone. He's upset with his dad for missing his football game so he goes to the lab to argue with his father. Meanwhile, his father is running some tests on boomtube that seems to be pretty sensitive and has no time for his son. They argue and Victor Stone gets upset and grabs the boomtube from the testing equipment and then it explodes on him, leaving him as...Cyborg. It was SO incredibly stupid that I was actually hoping his character died for a moment. Because it was just that dumb that it deserved death. 

Then there's Batman revealing his identity to Green Lantern when they had just met each other that same day. Why? So they could have a bonding moment and so Green Lantern would empathize with him and listen to him., just no. Or how people casually call each other by their actual names in the film. It's like haven't they ever heard of a secret identity?

I mean, there ARE things I like in the movie. Captain Marvel AKA Shazam; or whatever he's being called now, being in it is one of them since he's one of my favourite DC characters. I liked how they animated him, with lightning sparking up and down his body. That's kind of cool. However, what's with his ability to throw lightning like Kame Hame Has now? Is that a nu52 thing?

But overall, there are so many damn things wrong with this movie that it's hard to say it's worth watching. Maybe because I'm actually pretty heavily emotionally invested in the old 52 universe so that's why I'm having issues with the nu52 films. I mean, I watched Under the red hood; another DC animated film, and I was fine with that. But this? From the horrible voice acting; of which Diana AKA Wonder Woman suffers from the MOST, to the horrible plotline, this film just seems to suffer and make viewers suffer.