Thursday, 21 August 2014


So I've been in Chicago since Gencon finished and then I'll be heading to Japan. 

Chicago is probably the first real American city I've been to since Indianapolis is probably too small to count as one. It's a nice place but it was seriously small, to the point where convenience stores were hard to find. 

So what did I do in Chicago? Not much really. Mostly walked around a lot, visited the Field Museum and the Aquarium on the first day. And then the 360deg tower on the second as well as walk up and down the magnificent mile. 

I liked the dinosaur bones at the museum since we don't see many of those in Singapore. The 3D 'documentary' called "Waking the Trex" was flat and kind of boring. It can't decide whether it wants to be a documentary or some lame fictional story about a Trex. The rest of the exhibits were kind of plain to me but in general, I'm keen about 2 things in history, war and dinosaurs.

Then the aquarium. It was the 2nd aquarium I had been in, but it was a lot more chaotic than the Osaka Aquarium. And to be honest, I preferred the Osaka Aquarium which I found to be pretty structured and easy to navigate as well as having much larger displays. Otoh, dolphin shows so that's a plus that I don't remember at the Osaka Aquarium. 

As for the 360 tower, well it's also a lot higher than Tokyo Tower. But in all honesty, it's a high tower where you go all the way up to take photos of the city from.

In the end, Chicago is a nice city but I definitely enjoyed my time in Indianapolis more. But then again, it was a convention during that time.