Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Syntherion vs eHaley

My first test run with Syntherion

Convergence T4
-Prime Axiom

Attunement Servitors
Algorithmic Dispersion optifexes x 2
Optifex Directives


ATGM with UA
Stormblades with UA
Arlan Strangewayes
Journeyman Warcaster

eHaley my old frenemy, we meet again... Okay, I'm just testing out a Syntherion tier list here, and the basic concept is 'ram as many jacks as I can into a 50 point list. Sounds simple right? Anyway, I picked conservators because hey're cheaper than Inverters, 2nd cheapest jack in the CoC arsenal actually. They're also capable of shieldguarding stuff, which will be useful since Syntherion is a squishy medium base. They also have 2 melee weapons for synergy and hand of vengeance should be useful if something; like say a free servitor solo from the Prime Axiom, dies within 5" of it. Prime Axiom is there cause of Feat + Hotshot + reconstruct. 

Turn 1
-Forgeguard run up the right flank, towards the objective. ATGM follow up close behind them. Journeyman casts Arcane shield on Stormclad. Stormclad gets a free focus from Stormblades and runs up the center. Stormblades run up the left flank. Arlan runs up the center as well. Haley casts deceleration and charges up the center, several inched behind a wall. 
+Well, part of my tier benefits allow me to cast spells on my first turn for 1 less. This means something interesting will happen. Probably. Corollary activates, gets a focus from being near Syntherion. It runs, inducts into a Conservator. Conservator runs up the right flank, towards the forgeguard, inducts into other conservator. Other conservator runs up into the zone. One ADO runs up to near the forgeguard. Syntherion activates now and casts the regeneration spell on Axiom and casts synergy and then arcs magnetic hold onto the forgeguard, who are way too up anyway. Rest of conervators run up with the inducted focus, which leaves Prime axiom to walk up and try to shoot but he's too far from everything. 

Turn 2
-3 focus to Stormclad. Ehaley walks up to be behind the wall and feats and casts TA onto the stormclad. She then casts Deceleration again and is flat on focus. Not that I can reach her. Blades run into the zone. Stormclad gets 1 from the blades and charges a conservator and kills it, deals decent damage to 2nd conservator as well. Forgeguard have no choice but to run 4". Which is really slow. ATGM shoot my jacks but can't really hurt them. 
+ Auto repair takes place. Due to his jacks having reach and mine not, I can't really do anything. The gist of my turn takes place like this. Conservators move into the zone to block the Stormclad from going near the prime axiom and also to contest the zone so she doesn't get it. Prime Axiom decides to use autofire on the forgeguard and boost the damage rolls. 

Turn 3
-3 focus to the Stormclad. Stormblades charge my conservator but eats a counter-charge from a reflex servitor, which kills one of them. The others make it in but they're not enough to kill the Conservator. Arlan gives the Lancer 1 focus and it charges the Conservator but the conservator is still alive. Forgeguard run up. ATGM walk up and shoot at servitors, granting me hand of vengeance. eHaley camps where she is; behind the wall and casts deceleration.  At this point, his deathclock time is being used up pretty fast and he quickly hands over time to me, not realising he had forgotten to activate his stormclad. Doh. 
+Well, autorepair again. My systems are now all working for all jacks, even if they're not full healthy. Upkeep all spells. Corollary activates, gives 3 focus to 1 conservator and inducts another 1 to an adjacent one. The conservator near the stormblades kills 2 of them in return. The Conservators near the Stormclad team up on it and the 2 of them are able to kill the stormclad with a total of 9 attacks, 5 at pow 18 and 4 at pow 19. Not going to lie, I spiked a few rolls. The prime axiom has nothing to do but walk into the zone and shoot at the forgeguard and boost damage rolls. 

Turn 4
-My opponent grows desperate. With the forgeguard under constant magnetic hold, they have almost no way to try and kill me. He tries to kill me with an assassination. The forgeguard run up towards lucant. eHaley TKs herself out of the walls area, charges a forgeguard and then tries to timebomb Syntherion. She misses and it scatters far away. She then TKs Syntherion 2" forward. Anastasia walks up and tries to espionage but it's 1" short. At this point, it's game over as there's literally nothing my opponent can do and his eHaley is out there in front of a very healthy colossal. My opponent concedes

Thoughts on game
It was an interesting experience being able to run that many jacks efficiently. Especially with synergy. This was the first iteration of my list and I ended up swapping an assimilator in so that I could get some ground pounders out. However, I think the basic gist is there and while the conservators are rather ham-fisted, synergy + hand of vengeance helps solve that. Especially when the vengeance triggers off a free servitor