Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Japan 2014

Had a short stopover in Japan as well so I went to a few places. 

One of the first places I hit was the Tokyo Sky Tree. The crowd for this place was enormous, way bigger than the crowd I saw at Tokyo Tower. I guess because it's newer and the Japanese tend to love new things. 

It's taller than the Tokyo Tower but to be honest, I doubt most people would be able to tell the difference. 

At the moment Frozen is HUGE in Japan though. There were Frozen goods almost everywhere we went; ranging from pencil cases, notebooks, plush toys, keychains to food. Yes, Frozen food. I'm just amazed by how much it's taken off in Japan.

Dropped by Akihabara and the large kbooks building was gone and they've moved back to their old spot, which is right next to the Akihabara JR station exit. 

It's a really huge building though with 10 floors compared to the previous 5 or so. However, in terms of floor space per floor, I think it's actually shrunk a bit. 

Also managed to find a Boardgame store in Akihabara. They had quite a lot of western boardgames such as FFGs Eldritch Horror or Elder Signs, but in Japanese. That was just amusing to see. Also, they apparently have D&D wednesdays. 

Then I went to a bunny cafe. Note, rabbits poop a lot. And everywhere. Also unlike the cat cafe, rabbits will actually give a shit about you. Literally I guess since they poop a lot. 

Another amusing thing I saw was that the Ikebukuro Tokyu hands started selling Games Workshop stuff, which it didn't last november. Considering how mainstream Tokyu Hands is, I wonder if this means more people in Japan are picking up the hobby.

Overall, walked a lot and my feet started to hurt after a while. Think I clocked in an average of 20k-30k steps a day for the last 2 weeks+ and it's starting to take a toll on my feet. Still was fun though.