Monday, 11 August 2014

Diversity in Wargaming

Apparently there are people who will get pissed off at anything. Coming from a somewhat secular country that's surrounded by pretty non-secular countries, it's always interesting; and sometimes amusing, to hear about the differences in perception between the different cultures. Case in point, the way we view Haqqislam is apparently very different from the way some nearby neighbors view it. 

So if anything, Haqqislam can probably be considered the good guys of Infinity in a lot of ways. They're not aggressively territorial nor are they very aggressively expansionist either. So what's the issue with them some might say? Well, nothing most people here would say. However, in other countries...

So this was recently brought to my attention where someone posted this on a nearby facebook group for a local (for that country) store. The translation would read something like this (source: Google Translate)
The relevant question Shaz Aziz Faction HaqqIslam Inifinity game: The Game. I admit I'm not a Islamic scholar or a knowledgeable person high on the chapters of religion, but when matters pertaining to things like this, I try amik port. Issues related to this game, I can not want to disallow the rights and opinions of each. But as a Muslim, my stand is rejected and does not endorse this game on the basis of verses 65-66 of Surat al-Tawbah (the article also tells how the events of this verse). Even game developer agreed to change the faction logos and backstory (Team Covenant even bloody printed tokens of 'Allah' in clear Arabic for the game), still not change the fact that they have made a mockery of what should not be done as a game. This is clearly described in verse 24 of Surat al-Anbiya '. TL: DR; (I) Surah at-Tawbah verse 65-66 with severity (note the tone of the aayah) said; "And if you ask them (about what they are doing it), they will say:" We just frolic and play it ". Say: "Allah, His verses and His Messenger, ye jest?" No you do not apologize, because you disbelieved after believing, ... "No do not apologize" - repentance is not accepted "Kafir after believing" - the fallen (Ii) "Actually, we just bersenda-jokes and play around it". Then the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said to him: "What about Allah, His verses and His Messenger, ye jest?" (Reference source all in the article in the link) Tone used by the Prophet in his saying also clearly shows the seriousness of the offence. Thank you.
Apparently someone finds the whole Haqqislam faction deeply offensive. I'd like to say this is a troll post but considering this is the country that has politicians that protest when delegates walk their dogs cause dogs are offensive to them, I can't really be certain. 

Of course, the poster goes on to clarify he's not asking for a ban , but rather he's talking about how offensive the faction is to the religion. Of course, then he goes on to describe the developers as insensitive non-Muslims, which doesn't really help him in anyway at all. 

I mean, to me, this is just kind of crazy because most people I know aren't this religiously involved. And even if they were, it's a game and just like most people here know that harry potter isn't going to lead most children to witchcraft or satanism, most muslims here aren't bothered by the fact that you know....Haqqislam is supposed to be a fictional portrayal of muslims in a fictional world. 

On the one hand, I respect people have respect for other people's religions but otoh, I also don't like people constantly using their religion as an excuse to demand concessions from other people who don't believe the same way they do. I guess in the end, I'm glad I don't live there and the guy should be thankful he doesn't play wh40k.