Thursday, 16 October 2014

Iron Mother vs Stryker3

A bit of a change in the usual CoC vs Cygnar matchups. I put down Iron Mother to test her out and he put down Stryker3 thinking I would put down Lucant. So, derp on both our parts

Iron Mother
-Prime Axiom

Elimination Servitors
Elimination Servitors
Attunement Servitors
Attunement Servitors
Optifex Directive

-Ol Rowdy

Silverline Stormguard
Stormblade Captain
Boomhowlers with Murdoch
3x Stormsmith Callers
Journeyman warcaster

So I end up going first. I've played Iron Mother before but in all honesty, I wasn't too impressed with her because her stats, which affects all warjacks, kind of suck. Which makes for a very average-to-meh game after her feat turn. That the fact I find it weird playing with so few models on table. We play Scenario #4. 

Turn 1
-Right, my turn will be fairly simple because I don't have much to do. Everything of his is out of range but I want to be in range the next turn. So basically, Corollary activates first, pops focus into the warjacks. Iron mother orders a run. The assimilators each run up a flank. The modulator runs up the left flank. The axiom pops out 3 elimination servitors and runs up the right flank. The rest of the servitors run up the left and right flanks. I'm waiting for him to come up. 
+Arcane shield goes onto the Stormguard. The stormguard run up, base2base and hide behind a wall on the left side. Rhupert walks up and gives them tough. The Stormlances run up to behind the Stormguard. The boomhowlers order a run/charge and mini-feat, ending up with on cover and on top of a hill. Rowdy runs up to the right flank. Stryker3 casts escort and moves up to be near Ol'Rowdy. Stormsmith callers kill some servitors, as does Eiryss.

Turn 2 his units are all within my shooting range this turn. I just need to figure out a way to capitalise on this. I pass 1 focus to the Prime Axiom. First, my attunement servitors walk up and flare whatever they can. Iron Mother walks up, shrapnel swarms some stormblades, casts firegroup, feats and then shoots some more stormblades. Corollary gives focus to the Modulator. Modulator walks up and shoots some boomies since it's electrical damage is USELESS against stormknights. But it's too far and can only hit 2 of them. And they make their tough roll anyway. Ugh. Assimilator walks up and groundpounds the Stormguard but I forgot to add +2 to my DMG roll since I hit them with Iron Mothers servitors, and some of the shots just bounce off the Arcane shielded stormguard. Seriously, if I had just added the +2, a lot of them would have died. Other assimilator groundpounds the boomies. Axiom moves so that his boomies can't charge me and shoots them with autofire and drag. In the end, a lot of them make tough rolls and I really really don't do as much damage as I would have liked during my feat turn. 
+He upkeeps escort. His boomies run/charge into the zone, killing the servitors in it, as well as damaging the objective. Ironically, he doesn't kill it. Even with fury on them. 2 stormlances charge my modulator and nearly wreck it, while the rest runs around the zone on the left. Stormguard charge my modulator and kills it. Stryker walks up, boosts a shot into the objective and kills it and then dominates the zone for 2. Rowdy runs up to block Stryker. He ends up with 3CP. 

Turn 3
-Okay....I've used my feat which means I'm stuck with a crappy RAT 5 for the rest of the game. I totally didn't kill enough of his units and he can probably just win on CP the next turn, due to a lack of units to tarpit him as well as the fact he hasn't feated yet, meaning he can kill whatever I put into a zone. I decide to try and assassinate him. I allocate 2 focus to Prime Axiom. Attunement servitors flare Stryker3 and some boomies. I cast firegroup and shrapnel swarm the boomies blocking path to Ol'Rowdy and Stryker.Assimilators groundpound the area so that I have a clear LOS to them. Then I make a frigging mistake and walk up enough that Ol'Rowdy can countercharge me. Ugh. That's not too bad though because I can still shoot in melee, but then I boost to hit Stryker3 with my drag...and miss. Boost to hit with second drag...and miss. GG. And since Iron Mother is right out in the open, next to several Stormnounds with no focus on her, she's probably dead next turn. With that in mind (and the fact it's like 1am) I concede gracefully. 

Thoughts on game
And still the modulator does nothing. I'm finding it pretty hard to play Iron Mother tier, mostly because her stats are kind of craptastic and her feat is...marginally useful at times. If I play this list again, I'm going to swap out the Modulator for 2 mitigators, which can at least KD people, something that would be extremely useful. That and puncture. 

But as it is, I'm just having trouble stopping certain infantry swarms from reaching me with this list, despite it being a counter to infantry.