Thursday, 9 October 2014

The adventures of Lomeyo; a 5e Paladin

So about 6 weeks into the Hoard of the Dragon Queen, and I'm a level 3 paladin. Yes, that's a bit slow but hey, the sessions only last about 2 hours. 

Let's get a bit more into the basics of Lomeyo. What is he? Well, he's a level 3 paladin now is what he is. But what else? It was pretty simple to make him, just take the standard Human starting package, which is +1 to all stats, use a 27 point buy system and pump him to 16 CHA and 16 STR, which will be his primary stats and then dump the rest into CON while making sure you don't suffer too much of a negative penalty to anything else.

Even his equipment was standard gear, chainmail plus a warhammer. Mostly because I preferred to smash peoples heads in and I was pretty sure the rest of my party was taking sharp and pointy things to jab people with, so I wanted to take something different in case we ran into anything with resist-piercing. 

And then there was the background for my character. Without anything better to pick, I picked Noble as my background and then rolled dice for my characteristics. Which btw, left me with some really screwed up traits. 

Personality trait
8. If you do me an injury, I will crush you, ruin your name, and salt your fields (sadly, most like my personality in real life)
6. It is my duty to protect and care for the people beneath me (man, how does this even square with my personality trait...)
4. I am in love with the heir of a family that my family despises 
2. I hide a truly scandalous secret that could ruin my family forever. 

Okay...interesting enough. I certainly don't mind roleplaying no.8 and since, I am in the good guy team, no.6 works for me as well. I have an idea for no.2 but I'm hardly going to reveal it online before I get to reveal it in-game. 

Level 1 was....difficult to say the least. Like I mentioned in the previous post, even at level 1 and with AC 18, I still HAD TO BE FRIGGING wary of KOBOLDS. KOBOLDS with ROCKS of all things. I was like 'holy crap, this Edition is brutal compared to the last' as I strugged through level 1. It was almost like we were always one fight away from dying as we struggled through the town of Greenest, which was being attacked by a Dragon, and we were trying to reach the Keep for shelter as well as save townsfolk along the way. Why we didn't just run away? Good question. Cause 'plot'. And something about railroads. 

Things got slightly better as the party reached level 2. The inclusion of a cleric might have had something to do with that. In the meanwhile, I finally got to cast spells, including CURE WOUNDS. Man, that helped so much. However, we still had to struggle with hordes of kobolds, discovering that the Elven archer-fighter kept a PORTABLE BATTERING RAM on himself at all times and then being challenged by a Dragonborn NPC who was obviously several levels higher than ourselves. Sadly, I rolled the lower d20 so I had to be the one to go face him. It...did not go well, although my character survived. Unfortunately, my personality trait for Lomeyo means he's probably going to swear vengeance on that Dragonborn. Also, during this time, we discovered that our best method of stealth was to kill everything/everyone we encountered and then hide the bodies. Hey, we're a party where 4 of us wear heavy armor :P

Then we got sent on a mission to scout out the opposing army camp and as a bonus subquest, we could find this monk who had been captured. Needless to say, finding information about the camp was easy as we ran into several cultists who had been with the army. After some gentle 'persuasion'; read: I smashed their hands,kneecaps and feet with my warhammer until they coughed out what I wanted, they told us all we needed to know. We discovered the kobold army was about 100+ strong but I think if we counted the kobolds we killed previously, we probably should have taken out 1/2 the army by now. Nonetheless, technically our 'main' mission was done and we could have just gone back and gotten the reward from the governor. But hey, extra quest EXP drove us on. 

Nonetheless, we got to the camp and we made sure to put on the robes we had taken from the cultists we killed. Surprisingly, security was super lax at the camp and 3 of us (cleric, me and warlock) walked in without anyone challenging us. Meanwhile, our druid and archer are playing their version of Assassins Creed/Arkham City and tried to sneak up on the sentries and stab them. Surprisingly, this worked out to our benefit in the end, as the druid changed into a spider, failed to kill one guy who then ran out of his tent screaming about how giant spiders were attacking the camp. Meanwhile, I had rolled a natural 20 on a charisma check and found out where the prisoners were kept and was walking there. 

Right as we got there, we saw the Dragonborn walking in our direction and quickly hid to the side. Luckily they were distracted by the shouts of a Giant spider coming from the main base and went to investigate. In doing so, they got groups of men searching the camp for a giant spider but then they discovered our archer hiding in the sentry tower. He then set the sentry tower on fire and tried to jump down with an acrobatics check. Unfortunately, natural 1. So yeah, he got captured but the tower was now on fire. 

Meanwhile, after avoiding the guards, I was cheating with the cultist guarding the prisoner and with another natural 20, managed to convince them to let me take part in the interrogation, or at least watch it. Otoh, I had to convince them I was a natural Sadist. Meanwhile, the cleric was secretly pouring oil onto the command tents while the spider webbed their entrance shut. Then without any remorse he set fire to both tents. Using that I was able to convince the guards to hurry up and put out the fire on the commanders tent or she would kill all of us. Which they did, leaving me alone with the prisoner. Freeing him, I tossed him to the giant spider who then crawled down the cliff with him while I went back down to the main camp, trying to blend in and look as if I was fighting the fire while looking for a chance to escape. 

At this point, our session is resembling Oceans 11 more than anything else, with a bunch of little cons being interconnected into a big one. And through no real design of our own when we decided to split the party. It just worked out that way. The cleric and warlock tried to free the archer and I would have joined, but apparently somehow they recognised me as the person who fought the Dragonborn earlier on. Which ended up with all of us fleeing for our life after rescuing the archer.

With that out of the way, we finally hit level 3 once we came back to town. Apparently druids are really versatile in this edition, being able to TRANSFORM into a frigging warhorse to carry the monk. Loot was given, XP was given. Much wow. Although the monk stiffed us on the loot so I'll probably have to look for him to persuade him to cough up our loot later on. 

Surprisingly, I was the only one in that session not to get into a fight, having managed to bluff my way through almost everything and then running away later on. However, now that I'm level 3, I can finally take my paladin oaths and it's most likely going to be the Oath of Vengeance, mostly because I like their channel divinity the most. Being able to have advantage on one chosen foe is pretty useful.